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Our History

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand what it means to own a small business. Built from humble beginnings, Ancaster Food Equipment was born out of a need for quality products at a more affordable price than what existed at the time. Now, after 30 years in the business, we have mastered what it takes not only to succeed, but to help our customers do the same.

Ancaster Food Equipment refurbishes only the best product on the market, and has limited ourselves to improving just one brand, True® Manufacturing. True® has been named the industry leader in commercial refrigeration for 17 consecutive years producing Best in Class freezers, coolers and refrigerators so there is simply no reason for us to refurbish anything else! As we focus on such a small range of products, it means we are able to specialise our efforts and become experts on our final product inside – and out.

Of True’s® catalogue of products, Ancaster Food Equipment selected what we felt would best suit our customer’s needs as a whole and have opted to refurbish 1-Door, 2-Door and 3-Door models of both coolers and refrigerators, and freezers. While it may seem limited, our customization options mean that we are able to accommodate each and every one of our customer’s requests, from basic and streamlined to decked out with accessories, beer fridges to floral coolers.

Over time, we have continued our commitment to creating new products as we see a need for them amongst our customers. For this reason, we are proud to offer a series of brand new Keep Safe® stainless steel portable sinks. At Ancaster Food Equipment, we feel that both personal and professional health and safety precautions will remain heightened moving forward as a result of Covid-19, and that the versatility of our portable sink product certainly lends itself to a wide range of uses.

Our unit is made of 18g 304 stainless steel making it easy to sanitize and offers both hot and cold water as a standard feature! It comes in a single, double or triple basin option and boasts the largest freshwater and wastewater tanks on the market. With a soap dispenser and paper towel rack, quick drainage valves underneath the unit, a locking cabinet door, our Keep Safe portable sink has everything you need!

Delivered to you on a skid, our sink sits atop heavy-duty casters making it easy to move and as it is fully self-contained, it can be implemented most anywhere to be used by employees and customers alike!

Because we are not a large-scale corporation it allows our staff the ability to cross-train and understand all aspects of our business. The result is a strong team of connected and knowledgeable people that we can be proud of. Simply put, while we might be part of a niche market - we are very good at what we do!

Our Mission

Food Equipment Delivery

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand that it’s not every day that you purchase a commercial fridge, freezer or portable sink. Whether our customer is a seasoned restaurateur looking to furnish their entire commercial kitchen or a daycare center assistant in need of their first snack freezer - we’re here to help each of our clients find exactly what they’re looking for.

With so much information available online on just about every topic, purchasing a large and sometimes pricey piece of equipment can easily become overwhelming to some buyers. This is why we have curated a collection of Frequently Asked Questions to clarify things like what refurbishing actually entails and how to differentiate these products from those labelled “used.”



Our Process

Ancaster Food Equipment hand selects each of the units we receive to be refurbished. We do this to ensure the quality we deliver our customers is something we’re proud of, and they’re proud of too. Our refurbishing process begins by ridding the units of their original parts and giving our expert technicians the pleasure of replacing them all with brand-new OEM components throughout - this happens whether the original part was working or not. These parts include but are not limited to:

  • the compressor
  • solenoid valve and coil
  • drier
  • copper piping
  • virgin refrigerant
  • defrost time clock
  • thermostat and temperature probes
  • defrost heaters
  • evaporator and condenser fan motors


Our Speciality

In addition to parts, our in-house specialists completely repair any and all cosmetic flaws that the units may have, beginning by giving both the interior and exterior a rigorous power washing to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly on arrival. Dents are carefully mended with the use of professional-grade body filler then sanded to smooth out any imperfections. The interior of each unit is then subject to a disinfectant and sterilization process, touching up any marks and scratches along the way. It is this attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition.


Our Inspection

Next, the entire exterior is repainted and wrapped in fresh vinyl while other exterior components from signage to door handles are either refurbished or replaced with brand-new pieces. The advantage of refurbishing each unit internally is that it allows not only our technicians – but also our sales representatives the opportunity to see each product through production firsthand and to make sure that all client requests are met. When the refurbishing process is complete, your cooler or freezer will look brand new - guaranteed!



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