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Ancaster Advantage/Why Refurbished

Ancaster Food Equipment is Country's largest supplier of refurbished True® refrigeration systems. We have been providing commercial enterprises with high-quality coolers and freezers at affordable prices for more than 30 years.

What Is the Ancaster Advantage?

When clients purchase a refurbished model from Ancaster, here’s what they can expect:
  • A True® system that looks and operates as if it were brand new
  • Complete sanding and repainting of all exteriors
  • Thorough replacement of any internal parts that do not meet our rigorous standards; replaceable parts include the compressor, motor, light fixtures, and temperature controls
When we rebuild a True® system, we take great care to keep its original green features intact; all units come with an energy-saving automatic defrost system and electronic T8 bulbs or LEDs for increased energy efficiency. True® makes it easy to run your business with a reduced carbon footprint by providing colder product temperatures with lower utility costs. Once you’ve made sure the model’s electrical requirements are met, you can start selling. Watch your business grow by improving product visibility and taking advantage of impulse purchases. With over 100 years of combined workforce experience, you can count on our team to meet all your refrigeration needs! For more information contact us here.

Why Refurbished

Running a business involves making many important decisions and investments, which includes equipment purchases. Refrigeration equipment, in particular, can be very pricey, and you can’t always count on a strong return. That’s why many business owners opt for a smarter solution; commercial refurbished coolers. Here are some advantages to choosing a refurbished unit:
  • Huge cost savings; refurbished freezers and coolers cost up to 50% less than the price of purchasing new
  • Opportunity to save money while being confident that the model has been thoroughly inspected, tested and perfected


Used means the product is being sold in as-is condition, so if a component breaks down it’s your responsibility to either fix it or write off the entire product. On the other hand, ‘refurbished’ means the item has been carefully examined and rebuilt based on higher working standards. In this situation, the customer ends up with a product that looks and operates as if it just came from the manufacturer.

Choosing Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, commercial refurbished coolers products can be upgraded, just like new ones can. Ancaster offers upgrades through our ‘Elite Package.’ If you’d like additional options added onto your True® freezer or cooler, we make that possible by offering the following service features:
  • Retrofitted LED lights - Enhance your unit with LED lights that provide brighter illumination of your products and lower energy consumption
  • New compressor - Compressors are the workhorse of any refrigeration unit; this component is replaced with a new one, regardless of what condition it’s in
  • Set of casters - We can upgrade your order to include casters that allow the unit to be moved around easily for smooth configuration and cleaning. An alternative to casters is just having the unit sit on the ground, not old casters replaced

Working with Ancaster

See for yourself why US business owners trust Ancaster for all their refrigeration needs.Contact us here.

Retrofitted LED lights

New compressor

Set of casters

Extended warranty

New controller

New defrost heaters

New solenoid valve & drier filter

North America wide Shipping

50% Less When Compared To New