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Four Ways to Visually Merchandise with a Commercial Freezer

Four Ways to Visually Merchandise with a Commercial Freezer

Posted by | 03-07-2019

For anyone in the food retail industry, a key to commercial success lies directly in the ability to achieve an optimal amount of inventory turnover. If you manage or own a convenience or grocery store, smart visual merchandising with a commercial freezer will help you achieve—and even exceed—your sales goals. Considering that up to 50 percent of a food store’s inventory can be made up of refrigerated or frozen items, effectively showcasing this stock to customers is crucial. Read further to discover four ways a commercial freezer can help you with visual merchandising.

1. Make the most of your space

Depending on your business’ available square footage, you can make the most of any space by installing commercial freezers in a variety of shapes and sizes. While a large supermarket may have the luxury of using multiple double or triple-door freezers stacked side by side, other food retailers may need to think more strategically. For instance, smaller retailers can try effective combinations of visual merchandising that fit in tricky spaces while also drawing customer eyes. A cramped and otherwise underutilized store corner can be filled with a narrow freezer, while longer units can help with the opposite issue and fill bigger empty spaces. You may even opt for countertop units that focus on visually popping items at eye-level while customers are checking out.

To make the most of your space, you should be sure that you have the best variety of options available. At Ancaster Foods, we provide the following to meet your retail needs:

  • 1-door freezers
  • 2-door freezers
  • 3-door freezers

2. Use light to your advantage

One of the primary differences between your standard home freezers and commercial freezers is the use of glass doors. While a metal door may functionally work the same way, a commercial glass door freezer has the significant added bonus of allowing you to showcase the freezer’s contents to customers.

A key way to draw customer’s eyes to your inventory—and ensure even the best products aren’t overlooked—is to use freezers with LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs. These highly efficient bulbs guarantee that displayed products are shown to their greatest advantage. LED bulbs reduce glare while illuminating colours to their most vibrant. Ideally, a freezer with low-emission and illuminated exterior side-panelled glass doors will also help to give customers an unhindered, clear view of products.

3. Highlight desirable products

Often, customers come into a retail store with a specific list of items they believe they “need” to purchase. A good food retailer will not only make such staple products relatively easy to find, but will also draw customers to “wants.” That is, you can appeal to customers by showcasing desirable products that are not necessarily on their shopping list. “Want” items, such as ice cream, should be within a customer’s view and be easy to reach for. You can visually merchandise want items by placing commercial freezers along high-traffic areas of your retail space, such as at entrances and exits.

Note that the placement of inventory in commercial freezers can be highly effective if you tailor visual merchandising to specific seasons and promotions. If you find yourself at the end of the season with a surplus of a specific product, you will have better luck moving that inventory, along with prominent sale signage, in a high-traffic area. Aisles nearby checkout lines can be a great spot for freezers displaying “want” items on sale. Similarly, you may want to alternate product placement based on season. In hotter months, a prominent display of popsicles or freezies will likely prove more successful in terms of sales than in colder months, when such products fall in priority on customers’ “needs” and “wants” lists.

4. Display colour to your advantage

Once you know you have a freezer with good LED lighting in place, you can start thinking of how to take full advantage of it. Retailers have been using the psychology of colour for a long time, and when it comes to food, displays of colour that can match or heighten customer moods are especially important. Depending on your business needs, the prominence of certain product colours in freezers can attract customers and increase sales.

If you want to highlight fast and easy options for customers who are hungry, or for those who have to plan meals for on-the-go, it could be a good strategy to place bright, warm colours on top or middle shelves. Reds, oranges, and yellows are associated with high energy, and studies show that just seeing red can increase appetite. The proven appeal of these colours is evident by the sheer number of fast food chain brands that use them. In contrast, greens and yellows produce a more relaxing effect, and the brighter shades of green often found on product packaging can appeal to the more eco or health-conscious buyer.

To a similarly desirable effect, a freezer area that is saturated with a single colour can also be used to highlight a contrasting product. So, if you have an entire aisle of bright reds and oranges, a new or sales item that you want to draw attention to in a contrasting colour can be well-placed among these. In the case of 2 or 3-door freezers, you can even use the doors’ placement as a way of visually sectioning off different coloured products.

Finally, you can better ensure colours pop by choosing a pristinely white freezer interior as the products’ backdrop. Upkeep of this clean appearance will attract customers, especially if you also keep your freezer doors clean and clear for optimal visibility.

Getting Started

As outlined above, the strategic use of commercial glass door freezers can help food retailers boost customer engagement and increase revenue. To learn more about how a commercial freezer can help your grocery or convenience store with visual merchandising, call Ancaster Food Equipment toll-free at 866-711-5486 or contact us here for more information and a quote.

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