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Refurbished Commercial Equipment - Ice Cream Freezers

An ice cream freezer is a type of retail equipment that’s used to keep ice-cream frozen while at the same time ensuring that it is properly displayed to potential buyers. Restaurants, cafeterias and many other types of retail outlets need to keep their ice cream products in a frozen state while at the same time displaying the items to shoppers. Commercial ice cream freezers make that possible in an easy and convenient way.

Ancaster Food Equipment is home to top-notch refurbished ice cream freezers that can help boost your ice-cream sales. They come in a variety of sizes so you can always get a unit that accommodates your ice cream products and also fit perfectly into your retail space.

About Ice Cream Freezers

When considering getting an ice cream freezer for your retail outlet or restaurant, you should look for a product that’s affordable to own and maintain. Ice cream freezers are typically left on for most of the time and if they are not designed to be cost-effective, they could increase the energy bill and affect your bottom line. The choice of an ice cream freezer is also determined by the range of products that need to be displayed. Ice cream freezers come in assorted sizes and include one- or two-sliding door variants.

Retailers often place ice cream freezers strategically across the retail floor in order to maximize sales. One-door sliding freezers (which are smaller in size) can be placed in busy sections of the retail store where they don’t take up
much space.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Ice Cream Freezers

They encourage impulse buying as they display the products prominently to passing shoppers. Larger variants such as two-door ice cream freezers can be placed in areas where space is not so limited. Some retailers, however, do place these freezers at the point of sale to encourage last-minute purchases.

Ancaster Food Equipment: Supplier of Top-Grade Ice Cream Freezers

Below is a list of the key types of refurbished ice-cream freezers that Ancaster Food Equipment provides:

  • Novelty/Ice Cream Freezers with One or Two Sliding Doors

Choose Ancaster Food Equipment for
High-Quality Ice Cream Freezers

Refurbished True® Equipment In Ice Cream Freezers

At Ancaster Food Equipment, you get the benefit of over 30 years of experience in food-related equipment. Our refurbished products work like new and this is why they are in use all across the United States. We take each piece of equipment through a stringent cosmetic and mechanical process.

We also replace interior lighting with modern LED lighting technology to reduce your running costs. This way, you get amazing value for your investment through our refurbished refrigeration equipment.

Every unit leaving our facility is guaranteed to look brand new – our teams thoroughly clean, repaint, touch up all imperfections and apply fresh vinyl to the sides of each unit.

Our certified refrigeration technicians replace all major electrical and mechanical components with brand new OEM parts including:

  • Compressor, drier, solenoid valve & coil
  • Controller and temperature probes
  • Thermostat
  • All automatic defrost heaters
  • Virgin refrigerant
  • LED lights
  • Fan motors

You will also love the cost of the refurbished freezers as they are significantly cheaper than newer units. We also ship throughout the United States from our facilities. This way, you get the product on time and in great shape. Our customer service is excellent, and our well-trained staff will always go out of their way to help you identify the right product for your needs.

If you have any questions about our refurbished ice-cream freezers, feel free to call us at +1 855 888 9644 or fill up our Contact Form.

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Retrofitted LED lights

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New solenoid valve & drier filter

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