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Grocery stores are the one place you will find it all — both raw and ready-to-eat food, hot meals and frozen foods, personal products, and cleaning supplies, among others. But for record-beating sales, you need to do more than open your doors. Start with cultivating customer satisfaction from the moment they walk in: attractive promos, competitive pricing, and most of all, a pleasing and well-stocked store environment.

The biggest factor in grocery store sales is effective product placement. Customers need to easily locate the essentials they need to shop and be assured of top quality from shelf to plate. Lasting customer trust requires a freshness guarantee with every purchase — and this starts with optimal, climate-controlled storage.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, that’s exactly our mission — optimal product storage and display for effective visual merchandising and climate-controlled storage. Our selection of refurbished True® commercial refrigeration and freezer systems combine the best of food-safe product storage and enticing display. Trust us to supply your grocery store with the leading refurbished commercial refrigerators, coolers, and freezers in the market.

Top-Notch Refurbished Products From Ancaster

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we don’t just supply you with top-rated refurbished True® commercial refrigeration equipment — we do so at 50% of the market price. Our selection of refurbished commercial freezers, refrigerators, and coolers are all certified refurbished. Every unit undergoes a rigorous refurbishing and certification process to restore them to brand-new condition and function.

The refurbishing process for our selection of True® refrigerators and freezers includes:

  • Replacing internal parts like the compressor, motor, LED lights, and temperature controls to match refurbishing standards and ensure optimal food storage and display
  • Cosmetic touch-ups like sanding and repainting of fridge or freezer exteriors to restore polished and professional appearance
  • Thorough quality checks by our certified technicians before a unit is put up for delivery, and replacement of a set list of components with new OEM parts – regardless of whether the existing part is working or not
  • Certification of refurbished commercial refrigerators as refurbished to brand-new condition after rigorous testing and necessary retrofitting

Buying refurbished commercial refrigerators and freezers is rewarding in more than one way. Aside from the generous cost savings compared to brand-new units, these refurbished commercial refrigeration equipment are guaranteed energy-efficient. This results in lower utility costs and long-term savings, and a reduced carbon footprint for eco-friendly business. With a refurbished True® commercial fridge or freezer, you get the best of optimal food storage, visual merchandising, and long-term cost savings

Buy High-Quality Products From Trusted Hands

From Ancaster Food Equipment comes only the best refurbished commercial refrigerators and freezers for sale. Our commercial refrigeration units and expertly refurbished, then packaged as fully self-contained units for quick installation: just plug in to use. We curate a selection of refurbished True® commercial refrigeration equipment to equip grocery stores and markets with the leading food storage and display solutions:

At Ancaster, we’re proud to partner with grocery stores and markets to deliver delicious and high-quality food products. Our refurbished commercial refrigeration units help ensure excellent product quality and fresh taste in every customer purchase.

We guarantee this starting with a rigorous refurbishing process that restores every refurbished True® commercial fridge to brand-new quality and function. Each piece of refurbished refrigeration equipment undergoes extensive component, and usability testing by factory trained and certified technicians, followed by parts replacement and operation prior to delivery. Trust us to meet industry standards for refrigeration and help ensure food safety at your grocery store.

What People Are Saying

At Ancaster, your experience is at the core of our business. For over 30 years now, grocery store and market owners have welcomed the addition of our commercial refrigeration equipment because of their unbeatable price and long-lasting, energy-efficient function. Here’s what they say:

  • Brand-new condition: Ancaster’s refurbished True® commercial refrigerators look and run like brand-new units, instantly providing improved food storage, and enticing visual display in-store
  • Best value for True® commercial fridges: We provide the lowest prices on the market, along with excellent product quality and energy savings
  • Unmatched customer support: From browsing and initial quote, to delivery and ongoing product support, our customer service representatives and professional technicians are always ready to help maximize your investment in commercial kitchen equipment
  • Largest selection: Ancaster continues to carry the largest inventory of certified refurbished True® glass door refrigerators and freezers for over 30 years now, backed by extensive experience in refurbishing and product support
  • Plug-in and ready to use: Every refurbished True® commercial fridge and freezer we deliver is ready to use upon installation — simply plug in these self-contained units to start selling store merchandise.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our mission is always your satisfaction and the success of your business with the help of our leading commercial refrigeration solutions. Most of all, we aim to make our selection of refurbished True® commercial refrigerators and freezers accessible through industry-standard refurbishing and affordable pricing.

If you have any questions about our refurbished True® refrigerators, freezers, and coolers for restaurants, feel free to call us at +1 855 845 4247 or fill out our Contact Form.


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