Reasons to Choose True Refrigeration for Next Commercial Fridge

11 Reasons to Choose True Refrigeration for Your Next Commercial Fridge

Posted by | 15-01-2019

Commercial refrigeration presents a variety of challenges compared to traditional refrigeration. Not only do commercial fridges have to withstand being opened countless times per day as customers help themselves to a cool beverage or frozen food item, but they also must be able to store items in bulk and ensure each item is easily viewed and accessible for customers. From large grocery stores and convenience stores to premium vineyards, bars, and restaurants, quality commercial refrigeration is in constant demand, and it can be a crucial aspect of the success of your business.

True Refrigeration: The Brand

With a focus on creating high-quality refrigeration units with attractive aesthetics for retail spaces, True Refrigeration is an upstanding brand in the commercial refrigeration space. From state-of-the-art commercial refrigerators for professional kitchens to accessible fridge units for retailers, True Refrigeration boasts a wide range of products to suit your refrigeration needs. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider upgrading to a True Refrigeration commercial fridge:

1. Trusted since 1945

From small family restaurants to large grocery store chains, True Refrigeration has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry since 1945. Large retailers and small independent businesses alike trust the brand because of its quality and dedication to customer service. A family-owned brand, True Refrigeration has decades of experience working with retailers with commercial refrigeration needs.

2. Energy efficiency

With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability across virtually every industry, True Refrigeration is dedicated to adapting commercial refrigeration to comply with modern goals. These refrigerator units already exceed energy-efficiency standards compared to modern units, resulting in lower utility bills, increased food safety and product lifespan, and minimal maintenance costs.

3. Long-lasting fan motors

While the average lifespan for an evaporator fan motor is just three years, True Refrigeration fan motors have a lifespan of as much as 15-20 years. By utilizing cast iron components, low-velocity motors, larger fan blades, and expert sealing, these motors can cool your products faster than standard units for many more years.

4. Comprehensive quality-control practices

Every single refrigerator and freezer is tested with rigorous quality-control measures that dictate each refrigerator must be tested for a minimum of 3 days to guarantee its functionality. If it shows it is not able to adequately cool down and maintain cold temperatures for long periods of time, it is sent back to our technicians for modifications.

5. Colder temperatures

True Refrigeration units operate at a temperature of 0.5 - 3.3 degrees C. Not only will this keep your food and beverages colder and cool them faster, but it will also improve the flavour and increase the lifespan of your food.

6. Durable shelving units

Featuring PVC-bonded shelving units on the interior, these commercial refrigeration units are built to withstand years of daily wear and tear. The heavy-duty steel can hold up to 250 lbs on each shelf. In fact, True Refrigeration actually designed and owns these shelves, so you can trust that they are durable and sure to last for years without issues.

7. Double-paned, energy efficient glass doors

True Refrigeration offers the ideal solution for those who want the aesthetic of glass doors on their refrigeration unit, but don’t want to compromise proper insulation. With double-panned, insulated glass doors, clients receive the aesthetic they desire with the functionality they need.

8. Durability

Built to accommodate virtually any commercial need, these fridges offer unmatched durability and strength. Commercial refrigerators and freezers can be stacked to accommodate greater refrigeration in small spaces, which demonstrates their strength and stability.

9. Unmatched foam insulation

One of the biggest reasons why True Refrigeration units can maintain such low temperatures is the heavy-duty foam insulation. Made from high-density Ecomate polyurethane, this foam insulation preserves the cold air, keeping it from escaping the unit. This will help maintain cold temperatures and keep your food and beverages colder.

10. Custom options

For commercial vendors and retailers with unique needs, True Refrigeration even offers customized units. From sizing to the kind of doors, to more customizable options these refrigerators are built to accommodate your needs.

11. Global supply chain

True Refrigeration is a global brand that is able to maintain its sense of loyalty and customer service. The family-owned business has a massive supply chain and a large inventory of products and parts. The result: fast shipping times and better access to parts for repairs.

What Makes a Good Commercial Fridge?

Commercial refrigeration is a cornerstone for many businesses, from restaurants and cafes to supermarkets and convenience stores. A good commercial fridge ensures that food and drinks are kept at the right temperature and plays a critical role in ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. So, what should one look for when investing in one?


A good commercial fridge should offer adequate storage capacity tailored to a business's unique needs. It's important to consider future growth, as well. A fridge that's too small can lead to operational inefficiencies, while one that's too large can result in unnecessary energy consumption.

Door Alarms

Alarms are a crucial safety feature. They alert staff when a door is left open, preventing food spoilage and conserving energy.


Depending on the type of business and storage needs, there are options between solid, glass, and even half doors. Glass doors can be beneficial for displaying products, while solid doors might offer better insulation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient fridges are better for the environment and cost-effective in the long run. Look for Energy Star ratings and other certification labels to ensure you get a model that won't incur unnecessary costs.

Food to Store

Different foods require different storage conditions. For instance, meats might need lower temperatures than vegetables. Ensure your chosen fridge caters to the specific requirements of the products you store.


Different businesses have varying needs: blast chillers, display fridges, under-counter fridges, etc. Choose based on your operational demands.

Insurance, Warranty, Repairs, and Cost of Parts

Consider the manufacturer's warranty, availability of parts, and insurance options. It's essential to have a reliable support system in place for maintenance and repairs.


Some commercial fridges come with casters for easy mobility, which can be especially useful for cleaning or rearranging store layouts.


Think about where the fridge will be located. You'll need a spot that's easily accessible but doesn't obstruct workflows or customer traffic.

Regularity of Use

How often will the fridge be accessed? High traffic necessitates robust construction and efficient cooling systems.


For some businesses, locking mechanisms are crucial to prevent theft or tampering.


Ensure the fridge's external dimensions fit within the designated space, while also considering internal storage requirements.


A commercial fridge might require professional installation, especially if it involves complex setups or has to adhere to specific regulations.

Temperature Control and Display

Precision is key. The ability to maintain and easily monitor consistent temperatures ensures food safety.

Usability and Cleaning

Easy-to-use features and components that simplify cleaning can save a lot of time and labor.


Commercial fridges emit heat. Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure the appliance runs efficiently and safely and to prolong its lifespan.

Quality You Can Trust

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we believe in the quality of True® Refrigeration units. We trust their brand so much that we specialize in refurbishing their used refrigerator and freezer units. Refurbished commercial refrigerators can be bought for a fraction of the price (less than 50% compared to new models), but they also undergo various testing and upgrade procedures to ensure you get the best quality product available. True® Refrigeration products are trusted for their quality, which makes them the perfect option for restaurants, cafes, storefronts, and more.

We offer a complete sanding and repainting of the exterior, ensuring each unit has the proper aesthetic for retail spaces. We also undergo a variety of quality-control testing to ensure our products are up to industry standards.

Our belief is that sustainable, energy-efficient refrigeration is the future. Learn more about why we recommend refurbished True® Glass Door commercial fridges here. You can also contact us by phone at (855) 888-9644.

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