Reasons to get a portable sink

5 Reasons You Need a Portable Sink and Where to Use It

Posted by | 08-06-2020

Sinks bolted to the wall or floor are regular features of every washroom or kitchen in homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, and stores. However, not every setting can support permanent plumbing installations.

Many public and outdoor events are not set up close to any washroom amenities, which requires improvising to ensure customer and employee comfort. Here’s where a portable sink comes in handy — set up washing and cleaning stations, so event-goers, staff, and vendors can maintain proper hygiene.

Where are you hosting your next event? Learn how a fast and simple installation of portable sinks from Ancaster Food Equipment helps boost customer satisfaction, event ROI, and overall success. It’s time to head outdoors to have some fun under the sun — and ensure a clean, safe, and memorable event.

1. Portable sinks can be used everywhere

The best thing about portable sinks is that they can be used anywhere. From popular summer outdoor destinations like campsites, concerts, food truck festivals, and sports games, to construction sites, the applications are endless.

All you need to do is map out where event-goers and personnel require washing stations after eating or dealing with tools. Here are some of the most common uses for portable sinks and mobile washing stations:

Food Festivals

Food trucks offering unique flavours are always popular, especially in the summer, when lots of people want to get the best of a combined dining and picnic experience. Depending on the cuisines and dishes involved, a lot of finger foods can easily become greasy, sticky, and messy as event-goers eat them.

Set up portable sinks close to food truck vendors, so event-goers can wash their hands and clean up after eating. Vendors can also use these washing stations as part of food prep, especially for dishes that need to be cooked fresh. With clean hands and full bellies, you can get your guests to stay and explore other attractions, like live music and shopping.

Concerts, Weddings, and Parties

Outdoor events are often phenomenal — event-goers can immerse themselves in lots of attractions while walking around spacious grounds with a warm, rustic feel. But this also means people get dirty easily. While hand sanitizers are often handy, they can get sticky with frequent applications throughout the day.

Just as you opt for porta-potties, make sure that there are washing stations right outside so guests can practice good hand hygiene and safety. For private functions like parties and weddings, portable sinks are also used by caterers during food prep, so make sure that washing stations are easily accessible in designated areas for guests and vendors.


What’s one thing that not-so-outdoorsy people hate about camping? It’s the lack of washrooms. No matter how deep in the wild you go, you still need to wash your hands and clean up regularly, rather than leaving waste in nature. Luckily, portable sinks help campers maintain hand and body hygiene, as well as food and equipment safety.

Plus, with options for adding hot water, campers can maintain hygiene and comfort no matter the time of year. Turn camping into “glamping,” and see an influx of campers on the grounds who want to experience being one with nature, without sacrificing personal hygiene.

Job Sites

Portable sinks aren’t just for entertainment — they’re also for work. Construction sites deal with a lot of dirt from gravel, grease, drilling, heavy metals, and scrap materials. Keep tools clean and team members safe with accessible washing stations for hand hygiene and tool cleaning.

2. No installation required

That’s right — portable sinks can be used right away. They don’t require plumbing connections, and only need a power outlet close by, or a pre-charged battery source. Simply fill the tank with fresh water, and replenish throughout the day for continuous use. Because of these, portable sinks are far more cost-effective than traditional plumbing, and may even be used in laboratories, small offices, clinics, and schools.

3. Portable sinks save water

How much water do you use — and waste? With traditional plumbing, the answer is a lot. Canadians use an average of 329 litres of water. A lot of this is wasted in drips or leaks from pipes and valves, which requires the help of a professional plumber to repair.

On the contrary, portable sinks don’t require plumbing connections, making them easy to use and maintain, allowing you to control the amount of water used to avoid waste. The result is a cost-effective washing station that can be replenished with clean water as needed simply by connecting the tank and emptying the wastewater basin, and without relying on permanent and expensive plumbing connections.

4. Portable sinks are an investment

Portable sinks are cost-effective for both long-term use and occasional outdoor events for leisure. These compact washing stations can be easily transported and set up across locations and venue types.

Whether your business is undergoing renovations, or you’re setting up a food truck, campsite, or private function, portable sinks can be used in remote locations for multiple events. Their wheels and are lightweight, and their build enables convenient transportation. This allows your event to be equipped with a reliable washing and sanitation solution wherever you go.

5. Portable sinks ensure good hygiene

Properly installed and accessible sinks are necessary to promote proper sanitation, hand washing, and overall safety. From food services to outdoor event locations, guests and vendors require clean water to maintain safety and prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in high-traffic, public settings.

Portable sinks help promote proper hygiene and safety without sacrificing the features of stationary models. That’s because these mobile stations are built with pumps for cold and hot water — the latter heated when the sink is plugged into a power outlet. The result is convenient and effective handwashing that’s easy to promote and ensure among event-goers.

For more reasons why you need a portable sink, call Ancaster Food Equipment at (855) 888-9644 or contact us here.

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