7 Advantages of Countertop Coolers for Your Business

7 Advantages of Countertop Coolers for Your Business

Posted by | 16-09-2019

Countertop coolers are a great way to showcase your chilled products to your customers. From a vast selection of pop, iced coffee, and energy drinks to fresh-baked muffins and pre-made sandwiches, a countertop cooler can hold virtually any small product that needs to be refrigerated before being sold to your customer. Not only do countertop coolers keep your products at an optimal chilled temperature, but they also act as an eye-catching display sure to entice your customers to make a last-minute purchase when they are hungry or thirsty. With a wide variety of countertop refrigeration units available for convenience store owners, grocery stores, and other vendors, you can find the perfect countertop fridge for your needs. Here are a few advantages of countertop coolers:

  1. Display your products at eye-level

    Often with larger commercial fridges in convenience stores and grocery stores, the beverages at the bottom of the unit do not sell as well as alternatives with a central placement in the refrigerator. This is because these beverages get less attention from customers, as they are located lower than their natural eye-level. Fortunately, countertop coolers can be placed directly at eye-level on top of your checkout counter or even placed on a mid-level shelf for optimal viewing. In this way, every product in the countertop cooler is at eye-level, so each individual product gets the direct attention of the customer.

  2. Promote “impulse buys” by the register

    Since you can place the countertop cooler anywhere in your store, why not place it right at the checkout counter? When customers are standing in line or waiting for the debit machine, they have a few seconds of time to browse their surroundings. Placing a beverage cooler on top of the counter—directly within their reach and their eyeline—promotes “impulse buys.” Any customer who feels slightly thirsty at the checkout can act on that impulse and buy an affordable beverage without thinking twice.

  3. Energy-efficient solution

    Countertop coolers are often more energy-efficient than larger commercial refrigerators. As they are much smaller than commercial alternatives, it takes less energy to keep your drinks cold. Since most countertop coolers feature a glass door, customers can view their available options without having to open the door. When they have reached a decision, they can act quickly, minimizing the cold air lost when they open the door and conserving the energy it takes to cool the drinks.

  4. Enhanced organization

    With a countertop cooler, organizing is convenient and straightforward. Since every individual product is at eye-level, you never have to worry about where you put an item to maximize its visibility and convert prospective buyers into paying customers. This opens up a new world of organization, allowing you to experiment with placement to maximize sales without compromising the visibility of any of your products.

  5. Easy to restock

    Since the cooler is located on your countertop, you never have to bend down to restock the bottom shelves. Often, restocking beverages is a time-consuming process that involves a lot of bending down, which can be hard on your knees and your back. As well, since there are fewer shelves to stock, countertop fridges can be replenished in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort. This is compared to large commercial refrigerators, saving you time that can be better spent on other aspects of your business.

  6. Easy to clean

    Not only is it easier to organize and restock a countertop cooler, compared to larger commercial alternatives, but it is also significantly easier to clean. In the event of a leaking beverage, fewer products will be impacted by a leak, so you do not have to clean the exterior of countless pop bottles and iced coffees. As well, leaks and spills that pool at the bottom of the countertop cooler can be cleaned without the need to bend down and scrub, as is required with large commercial refrigerators. This offers added convenience in the event of a spill, letting you clean up the mess in a fraction of the time compared to larger refrigerators.

  7. Save floor space

    Another significant benefit to adopting countertop coolers for selling beverages in your store is that it opens up significant floor space for other items. Rather than taking up a massive amount of floor space with large commercial refrigerators, countertop coolers can be placed on the checkout counter or other shelves, maximizing the capacity of your store. With this extra floor space, you can increase your shelving space and bring in more products without sacrificing any beverage sales.

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