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7 Important Facts About Commercial Refrigerated Food Temperatures

Posted by | 12-02-2020

Here's an easy question: Why do we refrigerate food? The answer is that, in a myriad of ways, food is affected by temperature. Many temperature effects are unwanted – from the development of bacteria to undesirable food consistency so refrigeration and freezing both help to discourage those.

With all of that said, it's obvious how crucial commercial refrigerated food temperatures are to restaurants and bars. These units responsible for maintaining food temperatures are some of the most important pieces of equipment on-site. They are, in fact, necessary to run a successful, safe business.

Let's take a look at some little factoids revolving around the topic of commercial refrigerated food temperatures. Next time you're at a symposium for food and beverage industry participants, pull a few of these out of your pocket for discussion over cocktails.

Danger, Danger!

For literally every food on the planet, there is a danger zone. For most refrigerated products, the danger zone lies between 40 and 140°F. This is where bacteria thrive at their best. Under danger zone conditions, in about 20 minutes, bacteria can double their numbers! Keep food higher than 140°F or lower than 40°F.

At and below 39.2°F, bacteria stop feeding off of anything and stop growing. Bacteria just can't get the energy at that temperature.

Resting but Not Dead

Just because you refrigerate bacteria and they cease growing for a time doesn't mean that you have killed them. Cooking at high temperatures, on the other hand, will get rid of bacteria. That's one reason to cook food well, with special exceptions.

Unyielding, Warrior Bacteria

Though most bacteria will go into hibernation at cold temperatures, it is still possible for some to propagate. Salmonella is an example of such warrior bacteria. Even when the fridge is cold inside, salmonella and other warrior bacteria can still crossly contaminate food items.

Fortunately, it's easy to wash away salmonella and like bacteria to discourage cross-contamination.

Refrigeration Doesn't Mean Non-Spoilage

You have but to look in your refrigerator at something that's been there for an excruciatingly long time to realize, just because something is refrigerated, that doesn't mean it won't spoil. Food items can become virtually unrecognizable if left in the back of your refrigerator long enough! So obviously, just because you refrigerate something, you aren't stopping it from spoiling by any means. Everything has an expiration date!

How Much Is Too Much?

Though heating and refrigerating foods help to kill or stunt the growth of bacteria, one can only heat and cool food so many times before complications arise. Even if something is refrigerated, it will start to spoil if it's been reheated three times – as a general rule. Reheating and refrigerating food over and over causes moisture to be trapped inside. The decomposition of food is sped up/encouraged by moisture.

Special Circumstances for Special Products

The same procedure is pretty much followed for lamb, beef, poultry, pork, and other land animal meat. To prevent spoilage, keep it below 39°. However, different procedures are required for various other foods. You may have seen fish laid out on a bed of ice. This is for more than just aesthetics. Before cooking can begin, it keeps fish as fresh as possible.

On the other hand, warmer temperatures are needed for some fruits and vegetables. For some veggies and fruits, freezing renders them inedible. This is one reason why meats and fruits/vegetables are stored separately. Another is, of course, cross-contamination.

Be a Wrapper

While your food will stay fresher when kept out of the danger zone, wrapping food also helps to ensure freshness and lessen the chances for cross-contamination. When handling refrigerated food, one big threat is cross-contamination. It is the enemy of every food and beverage industry business and can happen without even realizing it.

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