8 Benefits of a Portable Sink

8 Benefits of a Portable Sink

Posted by | 23-10-2019

Portable sinks provide easy to use washing stations almost anywhere; something stationary sinks cannot do. They can be used for a variety of reasons in diverse situations by employees, consumers, and the general public. This includes camping trips, concerts, sports tournaments, food vendors at events and even power outages. The only limit on this technology is your imagination.

There are many reasons why a portable sink could serve as an advantage in either your business or personal life. With a wide variety of portable sinks available for food vendors, construction sites, and other event spaces, you can find the perfect portable sink for your needs.

To help make an informed decision on why you may need a portable sink, some benefits of portable sinks include:

  1. No installation required

    Since portable sinks are not connected to any plumbing, there is no need for installation. You don’t need to pay for a plumber to come in and install the sink. A portable sink can be assembled and operated just about in just about any place that has a power outlet and some even work without. All you need to do is fill the fresh water tank, and it’s ready to use. Since the portable sink tanks are on wheels, the tanks can be replaced at your discretion and without the help of a professional.

  2. Cost-effective

    Since you don’t need to hire a plumber or require complicated piping, a portable sink can be a cost-effective and economical alternative to traditional sinks. This will help you to stay within a reasonable budget, whether it be for corporate offices, restaurants, schools, daycare centers, science laboratories, clinics, and outdoor events.

  3. Environmentally friendly

    According to McGill University, the average Canadian uses 329 litres of water every day. Much of this water is wasted due to outdated plumbing that drips from pipes and valves. This problem can be difficult and expensive to detect. As portable sinks do not need to be hooked up to plumbing, purchasing a portable sink will allow you to decrease your water consumption. For this reason alone, portable sinks could also prove to be an environmentally conscious investment while providing a convenient, sanitary solution.

  4. Suited to business or pleasure

    Portable sinks also prove to be a versatile investment. They can be used as a temporary hand washing station for businesses undergoing renovations, they can be located in bathroom facilities during festivals, or they can be used for washing dishes for food service vendors or for personal use while in a remote location. Purchasing a portable sink is an investment that can easily be used time and time again.

  5. Mobility

    Most portable sinks come with wheels to make transportation from one point to another as effortless as possible. These sinks can be taken anywhere and are easy to handle, providing a convenient, easy to set sanitary solution for whatever you may need. This will allow you to have a fully equipped handwashing station on stand by. Both our Cambro KSC402 Double Basin Portable Sink and our Qualserv Stainless Steel Portable Sink come with wheels attached to the unit. Another characteristic that allows portable sinks to be so mobile is how lightweight they are. This, in addition to the wheels, it makes it that much easier to transport from one place to another.

  6. Hot and cold water

    Although portable sinks are easy to transport, this does not mean that the luxury of stationary sinks needs to be sacrificed. Most portable sinks come with both hot and cold water, which also allows for the portable sink to be used for more than just a hand washing station. By plugging your sink into a power outlet, you can have access to hot water. Many units have an electric pump and hot water heater built into the cabinet as well.

  7. Ensures Proper Hygiene

    In places where stationary sinks are not possible, portable sinks provide the opportunity to maintain a hygienic environment. This can include classrooms, catering events, and medical facilities where a hand washing station is required, but the need for plumbing is not. For the most part, the sinks can wash up to 80 hands and depending on the model; some portable sinks can wash up to 300 hands. Therefore, any environment with a portable sink will be able to adhere to health and safety standards and enforce habits of cleanliness in whatever setting you desire. This is vital to ensure that any germs or bacteria are not spreading and can prevent viruses from being contracted in any space equipped with a portable sink.

  8. Easy to Maintain

    Investing in a portable sink for your company is also beneficial because of the low maintenance that they require. Because they are self-contained, meaning they have everything needed to operate within the unit, these sinks require little to no servicing. The tanks under the basin hold fresh and wastewater, which can help you to save money on a plumber. It is very simple to connect and disconnect these tanks when you need to refill the freshwater and empty the wastewater tank. You can even have extra tanks on standby, which is helpful during busy events. The old water can easily be replaced without any hassle at all.

Invest In a Portable Sink Today!

As you can see from the reasons listed above, portable sinks are worth the investment. Whether it’s for your business or personal use, they are beneficial in any location. Practice good public health in an environmentally friendly and affordable way.

Click here to learn more about the many benefits of portable sinks. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us or phone us at (855) 888-9644.

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