How to choose the right commercial freezer for your business?

A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Freezer for Every Type of Business

Posted by | 26-07-2021

Whether you own a large grocery store, a small neighbourhood convenience store, or an entire chain of stores, your commercial freezers are vital elements to presenting and serving products to your customers. They contribute to effective marketing, while ensuring the frozen products you sell are safe to consume. Having efficient freezers is key to your success and keeps your customers coming back knowing they can trust you to sell quality food. Restaurants also have to consider the right freezer for their needs. However, because your commercial freezers are so important, you want to ensure you select the best type for your business. Here, we offer a complete guide to help you select the right commercial freezer based on your business type.

Cabinet Freezers

Cabinet freezers work well for many different applications thanks to their variety of sizes and adjustable shelving. You can use them to accommodate different sizes of food and containers to suit your particular needs. You can order them in either freestanding or under-counter models, so they are quite adaptable to different business layouts. As well, for functionality, you can choose the door based on left or right side operation to suit the access required for your freezer location. This is a popular choice for stores and restaurants thanks to their versatility and size options.


Counter designs are also versatile and designed for use at restaurant prep stations. However, because of their versatility, they can be used wherever space is limited and chilling food is needed. They do come in a variety of sizes, but mostly they are designed to store smaller amounts of food items where food is prepped. As a result, their designs make them more compact so they can conveniently be installed below counters.

Blast Freezers

The blast freezer is designed in a number of sizes and shapes, thus allowing businesses to select the ideal design for their needs. They also provide various types of freezing, whether it is controlled thaw cabinets, roll-in units, or modular chillers. What makes them unique is that they come in a variety of storage and temperature needs with a capacity that ranges between 15 and 52 kg.

Freezer Display Cabinets

As the name implies, the freezer display cabinet is ideal for storefronts where customers need to see what products are available. They make it easier for customers to shop, while also boosting marketing by introducing your entire product line to customers. You can get free advertising thanks to the large, well-lit windows for maximum stock visibility. They also work well in self-serve areas for cafés and restaurants for things such as drinks and salads. This makes it easy for people to help themselves before paying.

True Brand Commercial Freezers

Ancaster Food Equipment offers True™ freezer cabinets. They are an excellent line offering thermal glass doors and illuminated exterior sign panels for brand names or retail brand exposure. They maximize visibility for the ultimate shopping experience, and offer an aesthetically pleasing freezer to boost your store’s image. Large, well-lit display windows in hand with polished exteriors suit the style of any retail or restaurant space. They have self-contained capillary tube systems, LED lights for improved visibility, and a convenient automatic defrost system. They use environmentally-friendly refrigerants, and the self-closing doors reduce energy waste. The freezers are designed for improved energy efficiency and longer life expectancy in hand with improved customer experience. As a result, your business remains cost-effective while providing everything your customers need. Perhaps best of all, True™ brand commercial freezers combine the most convenient features of other freezers, including adjustable shelves, robust designs, and a wide range of storage capacities. All in all, they can meet the needs of most types of businesses.

Considerations When Buying Commercial Freezers

Your freezer selection should be based on a number of considerations, including:

  • Why are you investing in a commercial freezer? Is it strictly storage, or will customers be able to access frozen foods in a self-serve retail store?
  • How will your commercial freezer impact your day-to-day operations?
  • Is this an upgrade you require, the first freezers you are purchasing, or additional freezers to increase inventory?
  • Where will you be placing your freezers? Is there enough space to open a door, or will sliding doors be necessary?
  • How much inventory do you need to store in your freezers?
  • What are the most energy-efficient freezers you can find?
  • Do the temperature controls meet the needs of the foods you are storing?
  • How will your freezers be installed? How long will it take, and will it disrupt your business?
  • Where should your freezers be installed for smooth customer and/or staff flow?
  • How frequently will your inventory be stocked and rotated, and how will this affect staff and customers?
  • Does your freezer have to look good for customers, or is it just for staff use? Is the display important, or can the doors be solid?

These questions will help you narrow down your choices so you can choose the best commercial freezer for your needs.

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