A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Freezer for Every Type of Business

A Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Commercial Freezer for Every Type of Business

Posted by | 16-04-2019

If there’s one thing that convenience store and large grocery chain owners know, it’s that good product sales depends on effective marketing just as much on the tools and equipment used to present them to customers. In the case of raw or frozen food, produce, and other climate-controlled goods, commercial freezers are a lifeline for keeping products stored in good condition and sold to happy customers. But do you know how to select the best type for your business?

Learn how to choose a commercial freezer that best suits your business operations, and discover the difference of True Commercial Freezers:

What to Ask and Consider

Before shopping around for different types and brands of commercial freezers, it’s important to consider what your business needs and which freezer will best support day-to-day operations.

For starters, you can look into why your business needs a commercial freezer or why an upgrade is due. It’s also important to factor in the location of the freezer and its purpose, as getting the right size and type are important for both spatial and budgetary considerations.

With constantly rising operational costs, including energy expenses, it’s also important to look at the energy efficiency rating of different commercial freezers, as well as the temperature controls installed. Don’t forget to ask suppliers about installation time and noise level, as these can affect the schedule of operations as well as their flow, especially in storefront use. Finally, make sure to think about the frequency of use of the freezer, since stock rotation schedules need to be factored into store operations and staffing.

All these functional considerations are important when selecting a commercial freezer. With the right features and design, you can maximize the usable life of your freezer and ensure optimal function that business requires.

Cabinet Freezers

Cabinet freezers come in different sizes and are equipped with multiple shelving configurations. These commercial freezers come in both freestanding and under-counter options, making them versatile. Plus, the door can be engineered to fit either the left or right side, depending on the access that you require and best suits the location of the freezer. Because of these features, cabinet commercial freezers are easy to use and have become quite popular.


Commercial freezers also come in counter design. Counter freezers are known for being robust and versatile, although these are most commonly used in prep stations of restaurant kitchens, even in commercial-sized ones where items need to be chilled as they are prepared. Depending on the size of your operations, you can select a counter freezer and refrigerant that best suits your needs, as well as customize prep counters and drawers to fully support a commercial-size kitchen.

Blast Freezers

Commercial blast chillers and freezers are other popular options, as these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The different types of blast freezers, such as controlled thaw cabinets, roll-in units, and modular chillers, come in various storage and temperature needs, so selecting the best freezer boils down to what it will be used for. Blast freezers are engineered to store and chill anywhere between 15 and 52 kg.

Freezer Display Cabinets

Freezer display cabinets are most popularly used in storefront applications. These are the freezers used to store and display products in grocery stores and help streamline the shopping process for customers, as the glass display offers maximum visibility of stocks inside. Aside from grocery stores, the “grab and go” approach to store display is also suitable for cafes, restaurants, and deli-style stores, and is especially useful during busy hours, since customers can easily find what they are looking for.

True Brand Commercial Freezers

The True line of commercial freezers from Ancaster Food Equipment is based on the design of freezer display cabinets. Built with thermal glass doors and illuminated exterior sign panels, these commercial freezers offer maximum product visibility for customers shopping around and make their shopping trip a breeze. The polished exteriors also boost the aesthetic value of the store, creating an inviting environment for shoppers.

Inside these commercial freezers are self-contained capillary tube systems, LED lights for excellent interior illumination, and automatic defrost systems. Plus, these freezers use an environmentally-friendly refrigerant, as well as self-closing doors that ensure smooth usability and avoid energy waste. These features all contribute to efficient energy consumption that not only extends the life expectancy of the equipment but also provides long-term energy savings, which allow for smart, cost-effective business. True brand commercial freezers carry the benefits of other types of freezers — the shelving configurations of cabinet freezers, the robust design of counters, and the various storage capacities of blast chillers.

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