An Introduction To Commercial Sinks

An Introduction To Commercial Sinks

Posted by | 12-02-2020

Commercial sinks and novelty freezers are an essential fixture of restaurant kitchens, as they ensure that both the hands and dishes of waiters will remain pristine. As such, choosing the right one is important, since different variants have been designed for specific purposes.

Soak Sinks

Soak sinks are designed for soaking silverware before they are washed. The majority of these models will be leg mounted which makes them both portable and useful for multiple kitchen layouts.

Compartment Sinks

One of the most popular sink types, compartment sinks are ideal for scrapping and food preparation. They come in multiple compartments which range from one to three. The one compartment sink is excellent for filling up a pot, rinsing food or draining a colander. Two compartment sinks however will provide extra space that may be utilized for cleaning smaller kitchen utensils. Three compartment sinks are actually mandated by some health departments since the separate compartments can each be used separately for cleaning, rinsing and then sanitizing, which is more thorough. Furthermore, they can be purchased with additional accessories such as splash guards or drain boards.

Bar Sinks

As the name suggests, bar sinks are used in under bar areas. Like most sinks, they can be utilized for the washing of dishes or hands but are specifically designed for emptying alcoholic beverages. They will usually be of a lower height so that they can more readily fit below a countertop or bar. Bar sinks feature many of the same options that are found with compartment sinks, along with specific add-ons such as ice chests which are insulated and waste chutes.

Drop in Sinks

Drop-in sinks, which are sometimes referred to as undermount sinks, will be installed in existing counters or tables. The difference is that drop in sinks will usually be installed on top of the cutout, which produces a lip or rim above the table or counter, whereas the undermount sink will be installed  from beneath the cutout, which results in a transition which is seamless between the sink and counter surface. Due to their popularity, drop-in sinks are frequently found in residential homes.

Hand Sinks

This sink is one of the most popular in restaurant kitchens and in fact FDA codes mandate that at least one must be present in every food service establishment. These sinks are designed specifically for washing the hands, and should not be used to wash dishes or anything else. Hand sinks should always be conveniently located so that they are readily accessible to all the employees, and will either be wall mounted, positioned on top of a pedestal, or installed within an existing table or counter.

Mop Sinks

Mops are frequently used in restaurant kitchens, and these sinks are designed to soak and clean them. They can also be used to clean buckets, and for ease of use, they will either be installed inside the floor or leg mounted. If a mop sink is installed inside the floor, it won’t have a faucet area, whereas mounted models will.

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