Avoid Freezing These Types Of Foods In Your Commercial Freezer

Avoid Freezing These Types Of Foods In Your Commercial Freezer

Posted by | 12-02-2020

With the need to preserve excess foods, freezers have been good supporters and helpers over the years. However, there are some foods that should not be frozen. Whether you are using a commercial freezer or one designed for home use, these are some of the foods you should avoid storing in your freezer.

Mayonnaise And Mayo-Based Salads

While mayonnaise can fit perfectly in any freezer, putting it in one is not suggested. Freezing only makes it turn from creamy to clumpy when it defrosts. This will make it hard to spread as it will tear. Frozen mayonnaise forms a texture like cottage cheese which becomes cumbersome to use.


Freezing eggs sounds like a good idea especially since one can store as many in a freezer. However, freezing only makes the liquid inside expand which could potentially explode from the inside. Trust that if this happens, your freezer will never be the same again. The same outcome happens with Cooked eggs, whites, and Hard-boiled eggs.

Fried Foods

Freezing fried food is the worst idea ever. Freezing will only destroy the crunchiness and make the food soggy. This is because the oil in them tends to seep throughout the food leading to change in flavor. Even if you have heavily invested in a good quality commercial freezer, customers won’t appreciate soggy food even if you reheat or refry it.

Fresh Greens

Fresh greens should never be put in a freezer. Greens you should avoid storing in a freezer include kales, spinach, and herbs. What happens when you freeze such foods is that the ice crystals formed cause the cell walls to collapse, cooking the herbs with cold. This process turns the lettuce or spinach into a sloppy mess. Freezing cooked greens is fine.

Freezing herbs is another bad idea. The herbs turn brown and gooey. Preservation of herbs can be done by tying them together and hanging them upside down. You could throw them onto a cookie sheet and put them in the oven. This method applies to rosemary.


It depends which state the tomatoes are in. It is ok to freeze cooked tomatoes, but never freeze them when they are raw. When you freeze raw tomatoes, once defrosted they become a slimy mess.


Freezing pasta is a very bad idea. It will only turn the pasta into a soggy lump.


Like pasta, cooked rice when frozen only turns into a mushy flavorless meal.

Cream-Based Soups And Sauces

These include meals such as gravy or any other sauces thickened with flour or egg-based. Freezing such meals makes them separate into a lumpy disarray.

Sour Cream

Freezing yogurt or sour cream causes them to become gross and lumpy.


Cucumbers, unlike many other vegetables, do not taste well when frozen. Their beloved crunchiness doesn’t hold up once they freeze.


Potatoes can only be frozen if and only they are cooked. Otherwise, they will turn grainy if frozen raw. Also, when freezing cooked potatoes, store them in containers meant for freezing purposes.


These should only be stored in a cool dry place like on the kitchen counter or spice rack.

Soft Cheeses

Soft cheeses, like ricotta, will separate and adapt a grainy texture when frozen. Hard cheeses can turn mealy but will hold the cold much better.

If you are planning to open up a restaurant or store, ensure that you consult a supply company that specializes in commercial freezers to help you pick out the best equipment that will suit your needs.

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