Can you use a regular refrigerator for flowers?

Can You Use a Regular Refrigerator for Flowers?

Posted by | 21-04-2023

In the world of floristry, there are many questions about how to store and care for flowers. One of the most common questions is whether or not you can use a regular refrigerator for flowers. The short answer is yes, you can use a regular refrigerator for flowers, but it is hardly an ideal solution for flower freshness and longevity.

Benefits of Refrigerating Flowers

Refrigerating flowers has several benefits. First, it slows down the process of wilting and keeps them looking fresh longer. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to use the flowers in an arrangement or bouquet that will last for several days. Second, refrigerating flowers helps prevent bacteria from growing on them, which can cause them to rot or become discolored. Finally, flower refrigerators help preserve the color and shape of the flower petals, which is important if you’re using them in a decorative arrangement.

Understanding the Right Refrigeration for Flowers

While many may ponder whether they can put roses in the fridge, it’s crucial to understand the difference between a floral cooler and a refrigerator. The regular refrigerator for flowers might not always maintain the delicate balance needed for different flower species. A flower refrigerator is designed to cater to the specific humidity and temperature requirements that keep flowers vibrant and fresh for as long as possible.

The Specialty of Floral Coolers Over Regular Refrigerators

Floral coolers are different from your typical refrigerators for flowers as they are calibrated to avoid the issues of ethylene accumulation - a common problem in regular refrigerators where fruits and vegetables are stored. This gas can prematurely age flowers, leading to faster wilting and loss of petals. Floral refrigerators are constructed to ensure ethylene and other harmful gases are kept at bay

Maximizing Flower Longevity with Proper Storage

When it comes to flower refrigeration, maintaining the correct floral cooler temperature is paramount. Is the fridge too cold for flowers? is a question with a nuanced answer. While certain blooms can handle chillier environments, others may suffer. Flower storage fridge units are typically set at temperatures that prevent cold damage, answering the concern about flowers that customers often have.

Commercial Flower Refrigerators: A Wise Investment for Florists

For businesses, investing in a commercial flower refrigerator is a smart move. The question of how long roses last in the fridge largely depends on the refrigeration quality. A commercial unit designed for blooms will extend their shelf life considerably, ensuring florist refrigerator standards are met and that customers always receive the freshest flowers.

Floral Cooler Features vs. Regular Fridge Functions

When debating between a floral cooler and a regular refrigerator, the specialized features of a floral cooler, like consistent temperature, appropriate humidity levels, and gentle air circulation, become significant. These factors help keep fridge flowers looking their best and reduce waste from wilt and dehydration.

Drawbacks of Refrigerating Flowers

Although refrigerating flowers has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. First, refrigeration can cause some types of flowers to lose their scent over time. This is especially true with fragrant varieties like roses and lilies. Second, refrigeration can cause certain types of flowers to become brittle and break easily when handled or moved around. Finally, some types of flowers may not be able to tolerate cold temperatures at all and could be damaged by being placed in a refrigerator for too long.

Tips for Refrigerating Flowers Safely

If you decide that refrigerating your flowers is the best option for preserving their freshness and beauty, there are some tips you should follow:

  • Make sure that your flower refrigerator is set at the right temperature - this will vary depending on the type of flower you are refrigerating. Temperatures that are too cold could damage your flowers or cause them to freeze. For example, tropical flowers will require warmer temperatures compared to other varieties.
  • Ensure your flower cooler is set up properly to minimize air flow. Ancaster’s refurbished flower coolers are designed with air baffles to reduce the velocity of air in the cabinet. This also works to raise humidity levels within the cabinet which is necessary for flower storage.
  • Make sure that your flower refrigerator isn’t overcrowded with other items so that air can circulate freely around your flower arrangements or bouquets. This will keep the cabinet temperature more stable although there should never be food products mixed in the same fridge as flowers or plants!!
  • Remove any wilted or discolored petals before storing your flower arrangements in the refrigerator so they don’t contaminate other items inside the fridge.
  • Take your flower arrangements out of the refrigerator at least once every 24 hours so they can “breathe” and get some fresh air before being put back into storage again.

Ancaster’s Role in Flower Refrigeration Solutions

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand the importance of having the right flower fridge for your business. Whether you want a used flower fridge for sale or the latest model, we can guide you to the best choice. Our expertise ensures that whether it's flowers in the refrigerator or a bouquet in a florist cooler, the beauty and freshness of your flowers are preserved.


While you can use a regular refrigerator to store flowers temporarily, investing in a flower cooler or a dedicated florist fridge is the best long-term solution for maintaining their beauty. So, whether it's a single stem or a lavish arrangement, always remember that the right refrigeration makes all the difference in floral freshness and customer satisfaction.

Using a regular refrigerator for storing flowers can be an effective short term solution if done correctly. However, it’s important to follow proper storage techniques such as setting the temperature correctly and within a tight range and using airflow controls. This will prevent your flowers from becoming damaged by cold temperatures or dry out from exposure to cold air inside the fridge. For peace of mind, leave the setup of your flower refrigerator to the experts at Ancaster Food Equipment. With over 30 years in the industry and thousands of flower refrigerators sold across North America, you know you’ll be in good hands! 

One of the most prominent benefits of using floral coolers is that business owners lose fewer flowers to stem and petal wilt, infectious bacteria, and plant dehydration. With a longer shelf life, consumers will be more satisfied with their products and become repeat customers. Investing in a cooler for flowers provides a greater return on investment by reducing money loss due to product waste. When looking at the costs of standard coolers vs. floral coolers, there is sometimes a draw to the less costly unit. However, in storing living organisms, the chances of losing money due to the wrong cooler is higher. Selecting a customized flower cooler ensures your products last longer and sell better.

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