Cleaning A Portable Sink Like A Pro

Cleaning A Portable Sink Like A Pro

Posted by | 12-02-2020

Are you involved in the food and beverage industry? Have you ever considered doing an outdoor event? There are festivals, farmers markets, and more once the weather turns warmer, and they typically run through fall. In parts of the country where it's warm-ish all the time, there's no limit to how many outdoor activities you could take advantage off. In order to run your food or beverage business efficiently out-of-doors, you'll want to look into the purchase of a portable sink for your event.

Portable sinks are the perfect solution for both employees and patrons to stay food-service-clean and encourage healthy practices. But brand-new portable sinks can be pricey. Consider purchasing a Portable sink from Ancaster Food Equipment with Quality and warranty at affordable price.

Let's take a look at some best practices when it comes to maintenance for, and cleaning of, your portable sink.

Why Is Maintenance and Cleaning Important?

Down the line, you can avoid many costly repair and cleaning expenses on your portable sink with the proper preventative maintenance. To eliminate algae and mold, neutralize orders, and kill bacteria, consider the use of chlorine tablets. Investing in these tablets and using them on a regular basis also saves time as they process all-in-one cleaning capabilities. Every time you fill the sink with water, add a tablet. This helps cut back on the necessity for heavy-duty cleanings and eliminates blockages and tank troubles.

Step-By-Step Portable Sink Cleaning

To get your portable sink ready for use by customers and employees, follow these steps:

  • Use a mild soap and water mixture to clean all components and surfaces.
  • With a mild abrasive cleaner, scrub or sand any minor scratches. The cleaner should always contain detergents, hypochlorite bleach, and calcium carbonate. Follow the instructions on the cleaner container.
  • You may also use an industrial hot air gun on your outdoor sink to remove troublesome marks and scratches.
  • The cleaned area should now be rinsed and buffed (buffing can be done with conventional wax).
  • A bleach mixture/water and cleaning solution mixture can now be used to fill both the wastewater and freshwater tanks. So that you have the proper ratio of solution to water, be sure to follow the cleaning solution directions.
  • After letting the tanks soak for a while, they can be drained and rinsed out completely.

Purchase Your Outdoor Sink at Ancaster Food Equipment

Have you made the decision to expand your food and beverage business outside? Remember, in areas with pleasant temperatures all year round, and even a good five months out of the year in other areas, farmers markets, festivals, etc. abound. That's added revenue to your already existing indoor revenue. Offering employees/patrons the convenience of a portable, self-contained sink is a plus for your business.

Ancaster Food Equipment carries various types of equipment used in the food and beverage industry. Each of our portable sinks come on wheels and are complete with a couple of large tanks for wastewater, freshwater tanks, paper roll holders, hand soap dispensers, are made of stainless steel, and offer cold and hot water. These NSF certified, convenient sinks are the perfect complement to your next outdoor activity.

Contact Ancaster Food Equipment today for more information on our portable sinks. Or call us for more information @ +1 855 888 9644

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