Commercial Display Freezer: Benefits for Your Business Like Never Before

Commercial Display Freezer: Benefits for Your Business Like Never Before

Posted by | 08-10-2018

When you think of business marketing tools, you may picture flyers, posters and online ads. But did you know a commercial display freezer is also an effective way to entice customers and increase sales? Food-related businesses across the country rely on well-designed refrigeration systems to attractively display their products. Convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes can all benefit from these dual-purpose appliances.

If you’re still skeptical that a freezer can do wonders for business, read on to see how a display merchandiser can instantly boost your profits.

Benefit #1: Illuminated Display

Whether you’re selling ice cream cakes or boxed meat, the ultimate success of the food service industry relies on engaging displays. If you want customers to buy your products, you’d better make sure they look good. With the right display freezer, you can even make shrimp or a bag of peas look enticing. Today’s freezers are equipped with good lighting systems to brighten up your merchandise. Illuminated displays provide maximum visibility and are a great way to grab a customer’s attention. With so much competition in today’s market, you want your foods to not only look delicious, but also organized and well-stocked.

Choose a commercial freezer with LED lighting to ensure high-quality lighting with low energy consumption. LEDs last 15 times longer than traditional CFL or incandescent lights and use much less wattage. Because your appliance will be running 24/7, you’ll want a model with eco-friendly options to save on utility costs too.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we offer refurbished True freezers at a fraction of the cost. As part of our Elite Package, we can retrofit these freezers with LED lighting. Consider purchasing a display merchandiser from Ancaster to illuminate your products and encourage customers to spend.

Benefit #2: Clean Aesthetic

Commercial display freezers are not only useful for storing food items, they can enhance your shop’s aesthetic too. Chest freezers are boxy-looking and have a tendency to look too industrial in a retail setting. Multi-door glass merchandisers have a stylish design with clean lines and clear tempered glass. Use display freezers of various sizes to create visual appeal. Place them strategically throughout your shop so customers can browse your selection as they make their way from front to back.

Dozens of cords jutting out of your freezer is not only inconvenient but it’s also an eyesore for patrons. When shopping around for glass merchandisers, choose a model with clean, easy set-up. True’s Three-Door Freezer requires minimal hookup. Simply plug the unit into an outlet and it’s ready to go. No refrigeration specialist is needed. All you have to do is make sure the appliance’s electrical requirements are met. It’s really that simple!

Benefit #3: Increased freshness

Commercial display freezers can help ensure your customers are getting the freshest foods possible. Today’s models offer temperature-control features that help you accurately regulate the conditions in which your foods are stored. Consider purchasing a model with an automatic defrost system. This feature will help regulate temperatures, and will also prevent ice build-up in the interior. Excessive ice is detrimental to food quality. It also forces your appliance to work harder to regulate temperature levels, resulting in higher electricity bills. By ensuring the freshness of your products, you can bet customers will continue coming back to your establishment time and time again.

Benefit #4: Lower Noise Levels

There was a time when commercial refrigeration systems were loud. The motor would clank, the fan would hum and you could hear the coils rattle. Today’s display freezers are significantly quieter, making the shopping experience more pleasant for customers. Manufacturers understand the importance of low noise levels, especially when it comes to appliances designed to increase sales.

Benefit #5: Accessibility & Convenience

Commercial cooling systems come in all shapes and sizes. From multi-door merchandisers to compact countertop models, accessibility and convenience is key. To take advantage of impulse buys, choose a smaller display freezer for your check-out area. Stock it with products like bottled water and frozen treats -- cheaper items that customers can grab as an add-on purchase without thinking twice. If, on the other hand, you’d like to display a new line of meat products, then perhaps a two-door freezer is the better choice. These bigger models offer lots of space for multi-product displays. Achieve maximum visibility with large glass doors and bright interior lighting that will certainly turn heads.

As you can see, display freezers can do more than just cool your products, they are also an effective marketing tool to attract customers and improve the aesthetics of your shop. We know commercial refrigeration systems can be pricey. Consider purchasing a refurbished model from Ancaster Food Equipment. Our freezers are expertly refurbished to look and operate like new -- minus the manufacturer’s price tag. So visit our Ontario showroom or browse our online catalogue to see which display freezer can help enhance your business!

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