Commercial Display Freezer: Benefits for Your Business Like Never Before

The Chill Factor: Is a Commercial Display Freezer Right for Your Business?

Posted by | 08-10-2018

When you think of business marketing tools, you may picture flyers, posters and online ads. But did you know a commercial display freezer is also an effective way to entice customers and increase sales? Food-related businesses across the country rely on well-designed refrigeration systems to attractively display their products. Convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes can all benefit from these dual-purpose appliances.

If you’re still skeptical that a freezer can do wonders for business, read on to see how a display merchandiser can instantly boost your profits.

What's A Commercial Display Freezer?

A commercial display freezer is more than just a storage solution; it’s a marketing tool. Used predominantly within the retail and culinary sectors, this equipment showcases frozen or chilled items, ensuring they remain at their ideal temperatures. Their see-through design or open-facing structure invites customers to easily glance over the products, facilitating quicker purchasing decisions. Moreover, these robust freezers are engineered to bear the brunt of bustling commercial environments, ensuring longevity and performance.

Types of Commercial Display Freezers

In the bustling realm of food retail and hospitality, presentation is paramount. While taste, quality, and service reign supreme, the initial allure often comes from how products are showcased. Enter the world of commercial display freezers. These aren’t just cooling equipment; they’re silent salespeople presenting products in the most visually appealing way. 

Display Freezers

When you think of a commercial display freezer, the traditional one springs to mind first. These are the stalwarts of the supermarket frozen section, often housing an array of frozen goods, from fruits and veggies to desserts and meats. Their vertical stature and clear, often illuminated sections provide a panoramic view of the products inside. The primary goal? Entice the customer with an array of frozen delights, making their shopping experience convenient and visually engaging. Their durability and adjustable shelving also mean they can handle the demands of busy retail environments effortlessly.

Bottle/Wine Coolers

Sophistication meets utility with bottle and wine coolers. These freezers, often with a sleek and elegant design, are dedicated to perfectly chilling beverages. Glass-fronted doors allow customers to gaze upon rows of sparkling wines, craft beers, or refreshing soft drinks, all beckoning to be tasted. These coolers are essential for upscale restaurants and bars for their functionality and the ambiance they create. Each bottle is presented as a promise of a delightful experience, chilled to the perfect temperature.

Multi Decks

Space efficiency and accessibility are the hallmarks of multi-deck freezers. Imagine a multi-tiered stage, each level showcasing a variety of products. These open-fronted freezers are common in convenience stores and supermarkets, giving customers quick access to daily essentials like dairy, drinks, and ready meals. The lack of doors and the tiered design ensure that products are not just easily accessible but also beautifully displayed. Their versatility also means they can be tailored to fit spaces of various sizes.

Cake Display Freezers

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows the allure of a beautifully displayed dessert. Cake display freezers are the crowning jewels of bakeries, patisseries, and dessert parlors. These freezers are designed with a delicate touch, ensuring that desserts remain at the right temperature without compromising their texture or taste. With clear panels and often ambient lighting, they transform cakes, pastries, and other confections into irresistible works of art. Some even feature rotating shelves, ensuring each dessert gets its moment in the spotlight.

Deli/Cheese Counter

The deli or cheese counter is a centerpiece for gourmet shops, delis, and specialty stores. These freezers elegantly display an assortment of cheeses, cold cuts, meats, and other delicacies. With a clear, often waist-level design, they offer customers a clear, unobstructed view of the gourmet offerings. The precise temperature controls ensure each product retains its flavor and freshness, promising a delightful culinary experience.

The Benefits of Getting a Commercial Display Freezer

In today's fast-paced retail environment, the art of displaying products has become as crucial as the products themselves. When it comes to refrigerated items, commercial display freezers reign supreme. But what makes them so special? Let's explore the many benefits they offer.

Benefit #1: Illuminated Display

The beauty of a well-lit product display cannot be understated. An illuminated display ensures that products are visible and presented in the best possible light, quite literally. Strategically positioned lights within the freezer enhance product visibility, even in dimly lit environments, ensuring that items instantly pop and grab customer attention. Such lighting not only elevates the shopping experience but can also increase the perceived value of the products inside.

Benefit #2: Clean Aesthetic

In a world where first impressions matter immensely, the sleek design of commercial display freezers fits right in. Their modern and minimalist appearance enhances the overall ambiance of any establishment. The clear, often glass-fronted design exudes an upscale vibe, aligning seamlessly with contemporary retail aesthetics. It not only appeals to the customer's eye but also affirms the quality and sophistication of the store or outlet.

Benefit #3: Increased Freshness

More than just a visual treat, commercial display freezers are champions of functionality. Their top-notch cooling technology ensures that products remain at the ideal temperature, preserving their freshness. Consistent cooling conditions mean that products' taste, texture, and quality remain uncompromised, guaranteeing customers the best every single time.

Benefit #4: Easier to Monitor and Replenish

The transparency of display freezers proves to be a boon for staff. With clear visibility, monitoring stock levels and product conditions becomes effortless. This ease of monitoring ensures timely replenishment, reducing the risk of inventory shortages. Moreover, it allows staff to promptly address any product placement issues or temperature inconsistencies.

Benefit #5: Lower Noise Levels

A peaceful shopping environment is crucial for enhancing customer experience. Modern commercial display freezers are designed to operate with minimal noise, eliminating the constant humming that one might associate with older models. This silent operation ensures customers can focus on shopping without unnecessary distractions.

Benefit #6: Efficiency

Today's commercial display freezers are the epitome of efficiency. Designed with the latest cooling technologies, they offer optimal cooling while consuming minimal energy. This energy efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also resonates with the environmentally-conscious sentiments of modern customers.

Benefit #7: Visual Marketing

The power of visual marketing is unparalleled, and display freezers capitalize on this. With products clearly visible and attractively showcased, they often entice impulse purchases. A well-organized, lit display acts as a silent salesman, tempting customers to explore and purchase products they might not have initially considered.

Benefit #8: Space Optimization

Space is a premium in many retail environments. With their smart design, display freezers make the most of available space without compromising storage capacity. Their vertical design and adjustable shelving options allow maximum product storage, ensuring every inch is utilized efficiently.

Benefit #9: Better Organization

A structured and organized display is not just visually appealing but also customer-friendly. Segmented sections and adjustable shelves in commercial display freezers facilitate a logical arrangement of products, making it effortless for customers to locate and pick their desired items.

Benefit #10: Simple to Clean

Cleanliness is paramount, especially in food retail. With their clear design and well-defined compartments, commercial display freezers simplify the cleaning process. The ease of access ensures that routine cleaning and deep sanitation processes can be conducted efficiently, upholding the highest hygiene standards.

The Cons Of Getting A Commercial Display Freezer

While commercial display freezers offer many advantages, like all things, they aren't without drawbacks. Making an informed decision requires understanding both sides of the coin. 


Commercial display freezers, designed to store and showcase a significant volume of products, tend to be large. This bulkiness can pose a challenge, especially for establishments with limited space. Not only does it demand a substantial floor area, but its size might also overpower the ambiance of smaller shops. Accommodating a sizable display freezer can become a logistical puzzle for businesses constrained by space or wishing to maintain a specific aesthetic.

Furthermore, the size of the freezer can sometimes mislead businesses into overstocking, leading to potential inventory management issues and increased waste if products expire before they can be sold.


The placement of a commercial display freezer is crucial. Given its size and the necessity for electrical connections, moving it frequently isn't feasible. Therefore, businesses must strategize their location from the outset. A misplaced freezer can obstruct customer flow, hinder accessibility, or even affect the overall layout of the store.

Ensuring the freezer is positioned away from direct sunlight or heating sources is essential to avoid overworking the appliance and consuming excess energy. This necessity can limit placement options, especially in stores with large windows or specific architectural constraints.


One of the common issues with commercial display freezers, especially those with glass fronts, is condensation. This is the formation of water droplets on the interior or exterior surfaces due to temperature differences. Not only can this obscure the clear view of products inside, but it can also make the freezer appear less clean and maintained. While most modern freezers come with anti-condensation features, condensation can still recur in certain humid environments or under specific conditions.

In addition to aesthetic concerns, condensation can potentially cause slip hazards if water drips onto the floor. Regular wiping and maintenance become essential to manage and reduce the condensation effect.

Ancaster Food Equipment: A Collection of Refurbished and Brand-New Commercial Display Freezers

When it comes to reliability and quality, Ancaster Food Equipment stands tall. The offerings span brand-new and expertly refurbished display freezers, catering to varied business requirements. The extensive product portfolio ensures businesses find exactly what they're looking for. The emphasis on durability and efficiency makes Ancaster a preferred choice for many.

Final Words

Several considerations punctuate the decision to invest in a commercial display freezer. While they undeniably offer a host of benefits, understanding their potential drawbacks is crucial. The right freezer can transform a business's bottom line from amplifying product appeal to ensuring its prime freshness. With trusted partners like Ancaster Food Equipment, businesses are in good hands, ensuring they receive the best in both product and service.

As you can see, display freezers can do more than just cool your products, they are also an effective marketing tool to attract customers and improve the aesthetics of your shop. We know commercial refrigeration systems can be pricey. Consider purchasing a refurbished model from Ancaster Food Equipment. Our freezers are expertly refurbished to look and operate like new -- minus the manufacturer’s price tag. So visit our Ontario showroom or browse our online catalogue to see which display freezer can help enhance your business!

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