Do You Know the Best Way To Store Eggs?

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Homes, businesses, and restaurants stock various types of food items at any given point in time. There are differing methods and recommendations that apply to the proper storage of most anything – especially foods. Are you familiar with the proper way to store eggs?

"What's to know?" you may ask. "You stick them in the fridge and forget about them. Maybe you watch the expiration date but, other than that, seriously?" If only it were that simple! Depending on whom you talk to, the jury is still out on the proper way to store eggs. Some people say that the fridge is the best place for egg storage. Others, however, say that they can be stored at ambient temperatures.

Let's take a closer look at the whole dilemma.

Food and Ingredient Arguments

When it comes to food and ingredients, there is much discussion, though it need not turn into a heated argument (depending on how passionate the participants are). There are established, age-old questions such as the following:

  • Do you put the peanut butter or the jelly on first?
  • Is gluten-free a fad or is it going to be around for a while?
  • Medium rare, rare, or (God forbid), well done?
  • Does pineapple have any business whatsoever on top of a pizza?
  • … and so many more.

Whereas many of those may come up on occasion, for decades one raging debate – both in home kitchens and professional kitchens – is how eggs should be stored. Can you keep them at ambient temperatures, or must they stay chilled in the fridge?

Ambient Temperatures for Eggs

Okay, let's look at the ambient method. How does your supermarket store their eggs? Probably not in the fridge! So, should you do it their way? Ambient-temperature eggs blend and bind better with other ingredients, according to pastry chefs. Cold eggs can ruin dishes and create baking disasters. Additionally, we haven't always had refrigerators, but we've pretty much always had eggs. So, for decades, people consumed eggs that were not refrigerated. Since 1913, however, some people have kept their eggs in ice boxes, coolers, refrigerators, etc.

The Argument for Refrigeration

People arguing for refrigeration will make a lot of noise because they feel, in general, that food just keeps better when it's stored cold. It seems like the best place for eggs, particularly if you want to enjoy their maximum shelf life, is inside your refrigerator. What could the harm possibly be, anyways? After all, aren't there egg holders in some residential refrigerators? (Not so much in commercial refrigerators, however.)

Aside from the aforementioned pastry chefs, many chefs will argue that eggs belong in the refrigerator for storage. Particularly in a commercial setting, those kitchens got hot! Do they really want their eggs sitting on the counter in that kind of an environment? Some chefs will store their eggs in the refrigerator, but remove them shortly before usage, depending on the dish.

The Experts Weigh In

Believe it or not, to help solve the debate, studies have been done on this topic! Proper egg storage, according to the experts, goes as follows:

  • They are best stored below 20°C (60°F)
  • The key to proper storage is consistent temperature (taking an egg from the fridge and leaving at room temperature makes it sweat and can encourage bacteria growth)
  • If you store your eggs in the fridge, don't put them in the door (with all the opening and closing, the eggs are prone to rises and falls in temperature – note the prior suggestion about keeping them at a consistent temp)

So, what's the verdict? Seems like, as long as your ambient temperature is below 68°F (20°C), storing your eggs at room temperature is fine. Most rooms, unless you’re seriously conserving energy in winter, are above 68°F, however. Looks like it might be the fridge, after all!

Commercial Refrigerators for Eggs and More

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  • Posted on 11-07-2022 by Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining that you shouldn’t store eggs in the door of your fridge. I’ve been wondering how to properly store the eggs we get from our chickens. I’ll be sure to remember this when we go to put them away in the mornings.

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