Easy Fixes To Common Commercial Freezer Problems

Posted by | 12-02-2020

Your freezer might not be as cold as before or might be creating quite a bit of sound as it is operating. Your freezer might be too cold, causing freeze burns on meat and other food products. If your refrigerator isn’t functioning as it’s supposed to, it can be a lot easier to rectify the issue than you would think. Here are 5 common issues and fixes for commercial freezer.

Strange noises

A malfunctioning evaporator motor could be the likely culprit for a droning sound. Here are some common noises and the reasons behind them.

  • Crackling sound as the freezer undergoes a defrost cycle
  • Gurgling sounds from water draining
  • Whirring sounds from the evaporator fan
  • Clanking sound from the production of ice

Buildup of Frost in the Freezer

A malfunctioning heater would be the likely cause of the frost buildup in the freezer. There are certain circumstances where corrective action could be taken to solve this issue.

  • Frost forming around the edges of the freezer door usually means that the door of the freezer hasn’t been closed properly. Look out for any item that’s preventing the freezer door from closing
  • Temperature of the freezer might be too low if frost seems to be on everything. Make sure that the freezer temperature is set to about 0°F and that of the refrigerator is set to around 37°F
  • If frost is found everywhere, this might mean that the freezer door has been left open overnight. In this situation, do allow the freezer to undergo a couple of defrost cycles to clear up the excessive frost
  • Frost buildup at the back of the freezer might mean that there must be something wrong with the defrost cycle. This is most likely attributed to a faulty component.

Water Leaking

The likely cause of a water leak would be that the defrost drain might be frozen or needs cleaning. This could also be caused by an ice cube that has melted or could be an accidental spill while pouring a cup of water. In certain situations, certain corrective actions could be done.

  • Frost could be forming on the evaporator coils. This produces more water than usual, causing the drain pan to overflow. This could be due to high usage or high humidity. We can solve this issue by limiting the number of times the freezer door is opened
  • Water evaporation in the condensation pan might not be taking place. Allow for proper airflow, which increases the rate at which water is evaporating.

Freezer Doesn’t Run

The controls might need to be replaced. But before doing so, here are some things you should check.

  • Ensure that the freezer isn’t in demo mode using the operator’s manual
  • Check the control panel to make sure that the freezer is set to power on. Ensure that the controls for the freezer are set to 0°F
  • Ensure that the power source is working. This could be done by testing if other appliances work using the same power source

Too Warm

The thermostat might need replacing if the freezer is too warm. Here are some other scenarios which might be causing this issue.

  • The sealed system may be leaking. As such, there might not be sufficient refrigerant to keep the freezer cool
  • Certain components related to the defrosting could be malfunctioning. This is evident when back of the freezer is frosted

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    Thanks so much for the list of signs that a freezer needs replacement. My cousin’s husband owns a restaurant and has been worried about his freezer not working well. He’s been looking into hiring someone to come to assess the damage and see if repairs can fix it or if it needs replacement.

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