Features You Cannot Deny On A Commercial Display Freezer

Features You Cannot Deny On A Commercial Display Freezer

Posted by | 26-10-2018
If you think all freezers are built the same, you may be surprised to learn about all of the options in the commercial refrigeration industry. From countertop coolers to enormous multi-panel display units, the choices can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re selling frozen fish fillets or ice cream cakes, you’ll want to display your products in the most attractive way possible. Here’s how commercial display freezers can help your business:
  • Increase sales by taking advantage of impulse purchases
  • Pique customer interest by showcasing food items in well-lit displays
  • Improve your shop’s visual appeal by using a mix of freezers in various sizes
Because business equipment is an important investment, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing an appliance that suits your needs. Let’s explore some of the features you should consider when picking out your commercial display freezer.

LED Lighting

Because the main purpose of any display unit is to showcase your products, it should always be equipped with high-quality lighting. Consider purchasing a freezer that uses LED lightning. They provide much better illumination of your food and beverages while keeping your utility bill at a minimum. Some manufacturers do not outfit their models with LED lighting. If you run into this issue, consider purchasing a refurbished freezer from a company like Ancaster Food Equipment. Not only will you get a True unit that looks and operates like brand new but it will also come with retrofitted LED lights. Placed in strategic locations throughout the display unit, proper lighting can create visual interest and entice customers to make a purchase.


With today’s rising cost of electricity, energy-saving appliances are becoming increasingly popular among business owners. Lower your utility bills with commercial display freezers that come with eco-friendly features. One of the most popular energy-efficient models is True’s One-Door Freezer. Its automatic defrost system saves on energy consumption. Ancaster can retrofit the cabinet lights with LED lighting, which use much less wattage than their CFL counterparts. Allow your cooling systems to be part of a larger framework for energy-efficiency. The Ministry of Natural Resources offers certification and incentives for businesses trying to lower their carbon footprint.

Countertop Freezers

Countertop display freezers have been used for decades to increase impulse buys. While customers are standing in line waiting for a cashier, take advantage of this opportunity to make another sale. A well-placed countertop freezer can entice patrons to pick up an extra water bottle or indulge in an ice cream bar on a hot summer day. Whether you own a convenience store, coffee shop or take-out operation, showcase your most popular items near the check-out line. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a countertop model:
  • Easy-to-open swing door for quick and convenient access to goods
  • Compact, versatile design that saves on space
  • Triple-pane glass doors with crystal-clear product visibility
  • Quiet fan motor that causes the least noise disruption
Items best displayed in a countertop freezer include cold treats, prepared meals and bags of ice. These are the types of products consumers tend to choose as a quick add-on purchase!

Multi-Door Freezers

If you’re looking to make a real visual statement, consider purchasing a multi-door unit. A three-door display freezer, for example, allows you to stock a number of items for maximum visibility. From bags of vegetables to boxes of seafood, this design offers flexibility and the opportunity to get creative with your display options. An upright model with multiple glass doors can protect your goods while capturing the attention of customers. Choose a display freezer with a clean, attractive interior and self-closing doors made of triple-pane thermal glass. The lowest freezer shelf should have maximum visibility -- without requiring customers to stoop down for access. Today’s models come with features that make it easy to clean your freezer. For example, the gaskets on True’s Three Door Freezer are made of one-piece construction. They can be removed effortlessly without tools for easy cleaning. This model also comes with an accessible condenser coil that can be cleaned with minimal strain.

Automatic Defrost System

A commercial freezer is only as good as its defrost system. Excessive ice build-up can compromise a unit’s efficiency. Not only will food deteriorate quickly, but the motor will have to work harder to maintain a stable temperature. This can increase the freezer’s energy consumption, resulting in higher utility costs. Make sure your commercial cooling unit has an automatic defrost feature. The cycle should initiate based on a scheduling system. It should then terminate once the freezer has reached a certain temperature. This feature will allow your freezer to operate on the shortest possible defrost cycle, saving on energy and maximizing efficiency. With all the options out there, purchasing a commercial display freezer can seem overwhelming. That’s why Ancaster Food Equipment offers high-quality cooling systems with convenient features that all business owners can appreciate. From energy-efficient units to models with good-looking design, we are Canada’s top provider of refurbished True freezers. Superior products that look and operate like brand new -- at a fraction of the cost. It’s no surprise that businesses across the country rely on us for all their refrigeration needs! For more information contact us here.
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