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Getting the Perfect Commercial Freezer

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Businesses involving food storage are on rising demand and the requirement to store food safely is one of the top priorities. Commercial freezers come in various designs and configurations. The ability to store and access frozen food in the most efficient way will work the best for your operation. 

How do you go about purchasing the ideal freezer for your specific needs? Read on to learn more about each type of freezer and how they cater to different businesses.

The Different Types of Commercial Freezers

  • Worktop and under-counter freezers are considered as one the smallest commercial freezers available in the market. Normally, these are installed near the food preparation area for convenient access and storage as they are most needed while cooking. They are usually small enough to be placed under a counter or over a table, hence the name “worktop” and “under counter”. If you need quick access to frozen food while preparing your dishes, choosing either one these small freezers is perfect for your setup.
  • Blast chillers freeze food quickly for transportation to another freezer for storage. This prevents bacteria from growing during transportation. From small under-counter designs to large floor models, a blast chiller comes in various sizes. 
  • With glass doors made for consumers to open, display freezers are usually placed in shops and supermarkets. This will allow customers to check out the products in the freezer before opening them to reduce energy wastage.
  • Ice merchandisers are designed to store large bags of ice for consumers to purchase. These commercial ice freezers are usually made to withstand outdoor weather conditions where they are normally placed outside the store for easy access. Locks are installed on these freezers to prevent theft.
  • Short and wide, chest freezers are designed in a way where the opening is from the top. These are ideal for having packaged food that is made to stack on top of one another and can be stored for a long time. Scientific laboratories are also known to use these freezers to store vaccines, biological matter, and medication.
  • The most popular freezer would be the ice cream freezer. These are available in various styles and designs. One design would allow consumers to dip and scoop their ice cream, while the other would display ice cream to your consumers while you serve them. The slide-top style of an ice cream freezer is commonly used as an ice cream freezer. 

Getting the correct commercial freezer is important for your unique business. Every freezer is design in a unique way. Whether you are using it for storage, ice cream or drinks, commercial freezers are designed to store just about anything. Learning about the various type and style of freezers can help you find ways to store and access frozen food that works best for your business.

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