Glass Door Fridges vs. Stainless Steel

Glass Door Fridges vs. Stainless Steel: Form Meets Function

Posted by | 22-06-2020

What does your refrigerator look like? For many business owners, these appliances work largely in the background — their exterior appearance and build is less of a concern compared to their storage capacity and cooling ability. But did you know that there’s more to exterior style than aesthetic?

Refurbished glass door commercial fridges can be found at Ancaster Food Equipment. They are becoming an increasingly popular option in stores, commercial kitchens, and other foodservice operations because of their clean, polished, and effective displays.

This comes after years of stainless steel commercial fridges dominating the market. Like their stainless steel counterparts, glass door fridges also pack spacious storage while promoting improved visual display that’s more energy-efficient, and easier to use over time.

Shopping for a new commercial fridge to support your food storage and safety requirements? Discover the benefits of a refurbished glass door commercial fridge — the new, leading option for convenient inventory storage, effective store displays, and high volume, energy-efficient function:

Glass Door Fridge: Pros and Cons


  1. Clear, open display
    Transparent product placement and food storage for easy access and restocking. This reduces the number of times you need to open and close the doors, and lowers energy consumption as a result.
  2. Polished exteriors
    Refurbished commercial glass door fridges come with a polished finish and options for high-gloss coloured or frosted glass, and add a modern and sophisticated touch to store displays and commercial kitchens.
  3. Effective lighting
    Refurbished commercial glass door fridges are fitted with bright, but energy-saving LED interior lights to fully illuminate fridge contents for fast restocking and pleasant shopping while minimizing energy consumption.
  4. Scratch-resistant
    Don’t let the glass panels fool you — refurbished glass door commercial fridges are tough and scratch- and dent-resistant. They require only a quick wipe with gentle glass cleaners to retain their stylish, glossy sheen.


  1. You need to get organized
    This sounds like a good thing and must-do for any busy store or commercial kitchen where food items move quickly and need to be located right away. Because stocks aren’t hidden behind a solid door, you need to keep products on the shelf organized at all times to ensure a quick and pleasant shopping experience.
  2. Fingerprints and smudges
    Glass is transparent, so it’s prone to smudges and fingerprints from frequent handling. But it’s nothing that a gentle glass cleaner and damp cloth can’t fix after-hours.
  3. No door storage
    Unlike the residential fridge variety, refurbished commercial glass door fridges are not built with door storage and instead opt for a clear, upright display. But that’s not a bad thing — these shelves boast generous storage capacity, and ensure that all items are cooled at consistent indoor temperatures for utmost food safety.

Energy-Efficient Storage and Product Display Solutions

Fast Shopping and Restocking

Whether it’s for merchandising display or kitchen and food prep use, a glass door commercial fridge is easy and convenient to use, largely because of its excellent display features. These can easily be found, shopped, or collected for cooking without hiding food items, ingredients, and condiments behind a stainless steel exterior. The result is an effective display that allows you to keep track of supplies that need restocking, with generous and easy to organize storage shelves.

Compact Storage

Stainless steel doors require frequent opening and closing to access food items and supplies, which results in higher energy consumption. These motions also require allocating more space around the fridge. In contrast, refurbished commercial glass door fridges are upright and feature sliding mechanisms, so customers and kitchen staff can easily find what they’re looking for and reach in, without requiring much clearance behind them.

Durable Build

It’s common to think that glass is fragile and easily breakable, but that’s only true for everyday glassware and not kitchen appliances. In fact, refurbished commercial fridges built with glass doors are extremely durable — they’re resistant to dents and scratches, unlike stainless steel models.

Glassdoor commercial fridges, like the ones sold at Ancaster Food Equipment, come in a variety of styles, such as high-gloss colour, frosted, and stainless steel with glass indoors. All of these are easy to clean using only soft towels and gentle glass cleaners and retain their polished and professional sheen despite heavy use in commercial kitchens and busy stores.

Energy Efficient

For busy stores and commercial kitchens, efficiency is a top priority — ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely in producing, storing, selling, and serving quality taste to every customer. In the background, that’s enabled by energy-efficient commercial appliances.

Refurbished commercial glass door fridges are some of the most energy-efficient tools in foodservice operations, such as restaurants and grocery stores. With a clear visual display through double-glazed glass panes, you can reduce the number of times that customers and staff need to open and close the doors to restock and shop. This keeps interior temperatures consistent, so food stored inside remains properly cooled according to food safety standards.

Attractive Visuals

Glassdoor fridges stand out because of their excellent and energy-efficient display. A key feature that enables this is their use of energy-efficient LED interior lights that fully illuminate the contents of the fridge, so customers and kitchen staff can easily find the products they’re looking for and identify items that need to be restocked. These brightly illuminated fridge interiors also highlight a clean and organized display, so products look good and are attractive to shoppers, and mesh well with store or restaurant interiors for a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand Merchandising

Refurbished commercial fridges are essential to product placement and effective merchandising. Their clear display allows stores to organize items according to customer preferences and shopping habits. They can easily find products according to brand and type, and compare these to a variety of options next to each other. With an organized display, products can be positioned effectively for fast sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Easy Maintenance

Commercial appliances, like refurbished glass door fridges, are a long-term investment. To get the best value out of them, store and restaurant owners need to ensure efficient and reliable function throughout heavy use by customers and kitchen staff.

This makes glass door fridges the obvious choice — they’re easy to clean and maintain using gentle glass cleaners, so you can wipe off fingerprints and smudges quickly, and restore effective storage and product placement.

Are you trying to decide between a refurbished glass door commercial fridge and a stainless steel model?

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