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How Big Should Your Commercial Refrigerator Be?

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Is bigger really better? That depends largely on to what you are referring!

Let's say you're in need of a commercial refrigerator. There are countless companies from whom to purchase it, and once you've researched them, you can safely narrow it down to a few. (Of course, we recommend purchasing a high-quality refurbished cooling or freezing unit from Ancaster Food Equipment!)

But exactly what style do you need and what size? Some establishments need a large amount of cooling space, while others can get along with a relatively small, inconspicuous commercial refrigerator. The following points should assist you in determining the perfect size for your goal.

What's Your Budget?

Naturally, you never want to run out of space, so you might be tempted to get the biggest fridge you can fit in your kitchen. But how's the space in your wallet? There are affordable fridges out there, so you may be able to get a sizable one and still save money (once again, Ancaster Food Equipment!).

How Much Available Space Do You Have?

One determining factor can be how much space you have in which to set up your refrigerator. Limited outside space frequently means limited inside space.

But interior space is as important as exterior. Here's a general rule of thumb: Expect 20 to 30 cubic interior feet in refrigerators with one-section and approximately 30 to 50 cubic interior feet in a two-section refrigerator. Need something bigger? How about 50 to 70 interior cubic feet in a three-section unit?

What's in Storage?

Here's the big question… When it comes to storage space, how much is enough? That will have everything to do with the commercial refrigeration unit you choose. To decide how much storage space is required, look at what's going to be stored inside your refrigerator. Make a list. How much room is each item going to take up? Now do the math. Be as brutally honest as you possibly can. Don't skimp on your estimation. Rather than not having enough room, it's better to have too much. That will give you extra room for extra stuff. You'll be surprised how fast you fill it up!

Refrigerator Styles

Now that you’ve determined the size of your refrigeration unit, you'll need to pick a style. In most cases, where commercial refrigerators are concerned, people want to be able to stand in front of them and, at arm’s length, have everything available with a simple reach-in. Perhaps you need one refrigerator with dual temperatures. What about a pass-through fridge so that, from either side, all items are accessible (these are popular in kitchens with limited space).

For severely limited space kitchens, though interior storage will be greatly affected, an under-counter refrigerator may be necessary. Want to work on top of the refrigerator while storing things inside that need to be extremely accessible? Consider a worktop fridge.

Ancaster Food Equipment expertise in Commercial Coolers and Freezers

Regardless of what type of refrigeration unit you choose, be sure to check with Ancaster Food Equipment. We carry True freezing and cooling equipment, as well as portable sinks, for use in the food and beverage industry. We handle True equipment simply because it's the best.

Check out our inventory today. There's every chance we've got exactly what you're looking for.

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