Cleaning A Portable Sink Like A Pro

How Do Portable Sinks Work?

Posted by | 06-02-2020

The last time you went to a farmer’s market, outdoor wedding, concert, or festival, you may have noticed one or more portable sinks on the premises. These are used for both patrons and employees so that health and cleanliness can be assured in the most efficient possible manner. If you run a food and/or beverage service, and you frequently work outdoor events, a portable sink is a must.

Portable sinks are similar to stationary sinks, but better adapted for outdoor use and easy transport. If you're not familiar with these types of sinks, or if you're considering the purchase of a portable sink for your business, read on.

What Is a Portable Sink?

Independent function is what makes portable sinks different from others. The draining system and internal water source are contained within the unit. As long as they have access to power, your sink will be operational and take pretty good care of itself. Some portable sinks don't even need a power source.

Let's take a look at both powered and nonpowered portable sinks and how they function.

Some Portable Sinks Require Power Access

Within this portable sink is an internal water source that supplies the water the sink draws/uses. For use in these portable sinks, tapwater is appropriate and easy for refilling when they run empty. Some of these powered sinks have heating systems, but non-heating options are available if warm water isn't a concern.

Sinks with a water heater can, at a specific temperature and on an instant basis, deliver hot water. For routine cleaning of utensils, this water is perfectly acceptable.

The Draining System for Portable Sinks

After use, water drains into a storage unit contained within the portable sink. Ordinarily, these tanks are easily removed and emptied so that use of the sink can continue. Some sink designs encourage dishwashing over hand washing as they include little area upon which dishes can air dry. Others are geared more toward handwashing, such as those found near portable restrooms, etc.

Portable Sink Maintenance

As with anything else, regular maintenance is not only suggested but required for portable sinks. The following are suggestions for portable sink maintenance:

  • Particularly where the water supply bottle or tank is concerned, a high priority is disinfection.
  • Regarding all surfaces of your portable sink – keep them properly cleansed with a clean cloth and mild soap.
  • On a regular basis, or as needed, so that the supply of water remains constant, you will need to fill the water tank or bottle. More frequent use will, of course, equal more frequent filling.
  • Keep the wheels of your portable sink (if applicable) free of dirt and debris so they move freely.

Places You'll Find Portable Sinks

In addition to the outdoor weddings, festivals, concerts, and farmer’s markets listed above, the following are also great places for portable sinks:

  • Science labs
  • Temporary medical setups
  • Camping sites
  • Schools
  • Health and beauty establishments
  • Construction sites/remote worksites
  • Cooking demonstrations

Buy Your Portable Sink from Ancaster Food Equipment

Ancaster Food Equipment has refurbished, NSF certified, portable sinks. Each offers the following: large waste-water bins, a large variety of settings, cold and hot water, freshwater tanks, and is made from double stainless steel. These Portable sinks-on-wheels are perfect for employees and festivalgoers, great for the out-of-doors, and look and operate just like new sinks.

Contact us today if you’d like to speak with someone about our refurbished portable sinks. Not in the market to buy just yet? Ask about leasing.

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