How To Avoid Common Restaurant Kitchen Hazards!

How To Avoid Common Restaurant Kitchen Hazards!

Posted by | 05-02-2020

Lacerations and cuts make up an approximately 40% of all visits to the hospital emergency department and a bulk of these incidents were due to happenings in the kitchen. The kitchen can be a pretty hazardous place if you’re not careful in managing the hazards. Here are 6 essential hazards in the kitchen to take note of and how to deal with them.

Faulty Equipment and Appliances

It is possible for equipment to malfunction from time to time. Certain issues, such as a malfunctioning refrigerator or gas leak, should be looked into as soon as possible to avoid incidents from happening.

A refrigerator, which has faulty wiring or lacks proper maintenance, could result in fires and other issues. Fires resulting from faulty refrigerators account for 7% of all fires caused by electrical products.

Your employees should be able to identify a gas leak when it does happen. In this situation, they have to be aware of exposed or faulty wiring in the kitchen so as to avoid incidents from happening. Immediate action should be taken to resolve such an issue.

Lacerations and Cuts

Great care should be taken when handling sharp knives. Blunt knifes are in fact more dangerous than sharper ones. Since you require more force to slice your ingredients, there is a higher probability of a blunt knife slipping and hurting you. Keep sharp knife around instead of blunt ones and apply caution when using knives. Broken glass and other machinery can cause cuts as well.


One might get burnt while preparing food, either because the chemicals used are harsh or if one comes into contact with something hot. In such situations, it is important to take caution when handling with them. Some precautionary measures you could take is to wear gloves when exposed to hot items and to avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals.

Tripping and Falling

Sometimes the floor might be oily or wet, resulting in tripping or falling incidents. To avoid such situations, do clean up the floor of oil or water spills to avoid such incidents. Also, do ensure that the floor is even and that there are at least 2 doors between the kitchen and the front door, avoiding collisions from happening.

Crowded Workplaces

Having a crowded kitchen can result in serious injuries for the chefs and staffs. There is honestly little that can be done to resolve such a hazard. The best solution is to expand the kitchen area, which might be costly. Precautions that can be taken is to ensure that the surfaces are free of clutter and advise your employees to keep the walkways clear of people.

Heavy Lifting

When food is delivered to the restaurant, do caution your employees to take precautions when carrying heavy items and advise them to use trolleys to ease the load as well. Those with back injuries should take it easy to avoid causing injury to themselves.

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