Things to keep in mind while buying a floral cooler for your business

How to Choose a Floral Cooler for Your Business

Posted by | 23-08-2021

Florists and shops that sell fresh flowers need the proper equipment to protect inventory. Without the right cooler, your flowers and greenery won’t last long. This puts your business at risk of being expensive and wasteful, not to mention losing customers. Today, you have many different options available for your floral cooler, which might make it difficult to find the ideal solution for your needs. Here, we offer tips on how to choose a floral cooler perfectly suited to your business.

Selecting the right floral cooler for your business is pivotal in maintaining the freshness and vivacity of your beautiful blooms. Ensuring the optimal flower cooler temperature can be the defining factor between preserving their pristine condition or hastening their wilting. As an entrepreneur, your task is to weave through the myriad options available, from a compact flower fridge to a comprehensive flower shop cooler.

a florist putting flowers in the cooler

Self-Serve Coolers

When dealing with perishables like flowers, understanding the nuances of your floral cooler is crucial. The distinction between a floral cooler vs. a refrigerator is often found in the subtle mechanisms that cater to the unique demands of flowers, ensuring optimal floral cooler temperatures that a standard refrigerator may not achieve.

Different businesses have varying needs; thus, floral coolers are available in various types and sizes. From a small floral cooler, apt for compact spaces, to extensive floral walk-in coolers, ensuring that your business’s demands are met effectively.

If your shop offers premade arrangements, having a well-lit display case that lets customers look at their options is very important. Customers can see your arrangements and help themselves with the appealing flowers. Large windows, in hand with smooth door operation, are ideal for self-serve floral coolers. Self-serve coolers should come with adjustable shelves to suit the varying heights of the flowers and greenery used in your arrangements. You also want to ensure your self-serve cooler is energy efficient, as they have to run 24/7 to keep your inventory fresh. You have three options for self-serve coolers:

  1. Sliding doors. Sliding doors require less space to open, so they work in smaller shops. However, they also make it difficult for customers to maneuver when taking the arrangement out of the cooler. Although they provide a good view of the stock offered for customers, once your customer makes their selection, their only option is to hold the door open with their body. 
  2. Swinging doors. Floral coolers with self-closing swing doors help florists conserve space. Also, unlike sliding doors, customers appreciate the swinging door, as they can be held open more easily when reaching in to get their arrangement. As an added benefit, often the door jams are heated so the flowers remain cool, but customers are not chilled when they open the cooler.
  3. Open-air. Much like the coolers found in grocery store dairy aisles, the open-air model is very popular with florists with a larger selection of pre-made arrangements. Customers can more easily access the arrangements, turn them to check the condition of the flowers, and also benefit from the lovely scent of the arrangements. They come in various sizes to be purchased for both large and smaller shops. However, because they are open, they also tend to be energy wasters, which add to your overhead and operation costs.

A florist checking flowers in the cooler

Storage Cooler Size

Size, type, and the specific temperature requirements of your flowers are key when selecting a cooler for flowers. Ensure that the flower cooler of your choice is robust and efficient enough to cater to your inventory and customer traffic.

Certain flowers demand specific storage environments. Understanding the unique needs of each cooler flower type in your inventory and ensuring your cooler for flower shop caters to these requirements is crucial for prolonged freshness.

If you own strictly a custom florist shop where you have limited self-serve bouquets and storage is more important, then the proper floral cooler is key to preserving your inventory. In this case, you need to determine the size and capacity of your floral cooler to meet your needs. If you choose something too large, it takes up wasted space and also uses more energy.

However, choosing something too small will limit your ability to store larger inventory for major events and orders such as weddings. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overfill a floral cooler, as it won’t allow flowers to breathe. Therefore, you have to consider spacing to maintain the quality of your flowers when choosing the right size.

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Floral Cooler Humidity and Temperature

Floral coolers have special humidity needs to maintain the flower’s beauty. Ideally, the interior humidity levels should be maintained between 80 and 95 percent. So, while it might be tempting to simply buy a commercial fridge, humidity levels in most refrigerators fall below 10 percent if the door remains closed most of the time.

A woman in a flower shop choosing flowers on display

Your storage coolers, therefore, must be made specifically for flowers if you want to reduce the risk of waste. When it comes to proper temperature, most flowers and plants should be stored at 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain their appearance and keep them fresh for your customers.

Customizable Settings

Custom floral coolers can be tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal spatial usage and aesthetic appeal and contributing to your clientele's vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The more diverse your inventory, the more important it is to choose a floral cooler that can be customized to meet the flower's needs. Custom settings allow you to sort and store your flowers based on their need to survive, so each type of flower maintains its freshness and beauty longer.

A flower cooler full of flowers in a commercial store

Consider Cost

The costs of standard commercial coolers vs. floral coolers can often have florists leaning towards the more affordable standard cooler. However, you have to keep in mind that flowers are living inventory that can’t be stored in the same type of cooler used for cold food and beverages. Your flowers require special conditions that prolong their life and preserve their beauty, so always opt for the floral cooler instead, as it will save you money in the long run.

Scouring the market for the ideal flower coolers for sale or exploring floral coolers for sale near me can yield cost-effective and viable options. Additionally, considering used flower shop equipment for sale can also prove to be a budget-friendly alternative.

Inside of a commercial flower cooler

Installation and Maintenance of a Floral Cooler

Installing and maintaining a florist cooler efficiently ensures prolonged service and optimal functioning. From commercial floral coolers to floral refrigerators, ensuring regular service and maintenance is crucial.

Creativity within your flower cooler extends to chiller food arrangement, intertwining aesthetic appeal with practicality, creating a delightful visual while ensuring optimal spatial usage within your flower fridge.

A customer looking for flowers in a flower shop

The Importance of Floral Coolers

Choosing floral coolers for your florist business is important, ensuring you lose fewer flowers. Floral inventory is vulnerable to many issues, including stem and petal wilt, infectious bacteria, and plant dehydration. With floral coolers, you increase shelf life and customer satisfaction. You get a better return on investment by reducing waste. As mentioned, flowers require a much higher humidity level, which actually proves detrimental for coolers storing other types of inventory. 

Humidity restores freshly cut flowers that have travelled to your shop and reduces chances of shocking flowers when moved from one environment to another. The trauma of travel can lead to fast deterioration. However, when placed in the proper moisture-rich environment, you promote healing and help flowers return to their healthy state. The longer your flowers maintain their beauty, the better chance there is that you can sell them and avoid waste.

If you would like more information on floral coolers, speak to the experts at Ancaster Food Equipment today.

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