How To Improve The Durability Of Commercial Refrigerators!

How To Improve The Durability Of Commercial Refrigerators!

Posted by | 04-02-2020

Many restaurants, bars, cafeterias and grocery shops rely heavily on commercial refrigerators to keep their food products cold, keeping them fresh for longer. There are some things that owners should take note of to increase the lifespan of their refrigerators. Having regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way towards keeping your repair cost low and to make the best out of each refrigerator.  

Understanding How Refrigeration Works

One commonly overlooked factor that would provide optimal performance for your refrigerator is the electrical system in your kitchen. It is essential that the electrical socket that your refrigerator is connected to has the same voltage rating as that of your refrigerator. It’s also recommended that you do not connect your refrigerator to extension cords to avoid breaker trips, which might result in your food to spoil.

Having a big refrigerator is awesome! However, it is important to note that refrigerators use coils to dissipate heat from its system. You would need to find an appropriate place for your refrigerator such that there is sufficient space to dissipate the heat so as to avoid damaging its internals. Check the recommended clearance space from the operator manual and place it in an ideal location.

Recognize the Red Flags

You should get to know how refrigerators usually sound like when they’re operating as per normal. Strange noises such as droning, humming and brassy sounds usually indicates that your refrigerator might not be running well. It could simply be because of a buildup of dirt in the drainage or could be something more technical, which might require the help of technicians to solve. It is important to take note of these noises early on so that early ratification can be carried out.

Watch out for other abnormalities such as warmer temperatures, buildup of frost or water leaking to have these problems diagnosed so that you could repair them as soon as possible. Do not neglect these changes and do try to ratify them early on so that you can have a smaller repair bill.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Having regular cleaning is beneficial for the lifespan of your refrigerator. Besides cleaning the obvious places within the refrigerator, other areas shouldn’t be forgotten. The drainage system, condensation coils, gasket and fan blades should be cleaned regularly with the appropriate tools and solution for the job.

Simple maintenance task such as replacing the lightbulb in the refrigerator can be done by yourself. For more complicated task, consulting repair professionals will be useful in providing inspection and maintenance services. They will help in lengthening the lifespan of your refrigerators, while allowing them to work properly in between maintenance sessions.

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