How to Maintain a Commercial Fridge for Optimal Performance and Energy Savings

How to Maintain a Commercial Fridge for Optimal Performance and Energy Savings

Posted by | 03-04-2019

If you’re in the business of food processing and material handling of climate-controlled goods, you know that well maintained and perfectly working commercial refrigerators are essential to smooth and profitable operations. A commercial fridge is a worthy investment that must be used properly and regularly serviced to ensure optimal performance throughout its usable life. Without proper maintenance, this appliance can greatly contribute to expensive energy bills as it is forced to work overtime. Even worse, when it breaks down, it costs much to repair.

Here’s how you can maintain your commercial fridge to keep it in great condition and smooth operations:

Upon Delivery

Upon delivery of your equipment, owners usually prioritize moving it into position. However, before doing this with a commercial fridge, it’s important to leave it standing for at least an hour before connecting it to a power outlet and turning it on. This gives you time to inspect the commercial fridge.

Proper Positioning and Loading

Once thoroughly inspected, make sure that the commercial fridge is positioned in a well-ventilated area and on a level surface. This enables the closing mechanism of doors to function properly, as well as the condensate to effectively drain from the evaporator.

Before loading items in the fridge, allow it to reach normal operating temperature first, as this helps to maintain the condition of the products placed inside. To avoid interior damage, make sure to evenly distribute the load on each shelf, as this will also allow air to circulate properly. Make sure to check the storage requirements for the products to be placed inside, as heated products can cause icing in the evaporator and increased internal temperature. This will cause the condenser to overwork. To maintain optimal storage, make sure to check the temperature reading of the thermometer on a daily basis.

Ensure Ample Ventilation

To ensure optimal function of your commercial fridge, it’s important to place it in a well-ventilated location. Refrigerators can produce a considerable amount of heat, and when placed in an unventilated room, can cause temperatures to rise and create excessively warm and unsafe conditions.

When positioning your commercial fridge, make sure to avoid blocking vents and stocking items on top or in front of the unit, as this will cause heated air to recirculate. This then overworks the condenser unit and lead to increased energy consumption and diminished performance over time. For optimal performance, ensure that there is enough clearance surrounding your commercial fridge to allow the unit to expend waste heat and provide access for service and maintenance.

Clean Surfaces

One of the most basic but important ways to maintain a commercial fridge is regular cleaning. More than using soap and water for the interiors and glass cleaner on the doors, it’s also important to get rid of contaminated ice and mould. Not only do these affect sales and drive customers away, but these can also affect the quality of products stored inside, and in extreme cases, cause health problems.

To avoid this, make sure to clean ice machines, water lines, bins, and dispensers routinely, even when equipped with an automatic cleaning cycle. This will keep harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria, e. Coli, as well as dirt and mould from building up, and keeps the ice yield at an optimal level.

Check Door Gaskets

Commercial fridges are equipped with gaskets to seal the door properly and maintain optimal interior temperature. Effective door gaskets help to ensure efficient energy consumption of units and prevent both expensive bills and reduced usable life.

It’s important to routinely check and clean the gaskets of a commercial fridge and have them replaced at the first sign of damage. This allows you to ensure the optimal function and energy consumption of your commercial fridge. To clean the gaskets, you can use warm soapy water and wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth until they are completely dry prior to closing the door. When straightening or replacing gaskets, avoid using sharp knives as they can easily cut through the material and damage it.

Keep the Condenser Functioning Optimally

The condenser is prone to dust accumulation, which can cause a commercial fridge to overwork as it is forced to maintain optimal interior temperature. Over time, this can cause higher energy bills and reduced life expectancy of the fridge. To maintain a fully functioning condenser, it’s essential to clean it four times a year.

When cleaning the condenser, make sure to disconnect it from the main supply first. Then, slide out the removable cassette to access the vents and clean them with a soft brush. Throughout this process, make sure to avoid damaging electrical connections and cables, as well as the fins. For a deeper, professional clean, you may need the help of a service provider, especially if there are grease deposits.

Maintain a Fully Functional Evaporator

Commercial fridges are built with a drain hole and drip pans to remove condensation, as its buildup could cause damage to the unit. To avoid this, make sure to inspect the evaporator routinely and check for blockages.

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