How to make the most of in-store freezers?

How to Make the Most of Your In-Store Freezers

Posted by | 20-07-2020

The frozen aisles at the local grocery store hold many treasures: delightfully packaged boxes with ready-to-eat food, family-sized meals, and a lot of other raw ingredients. All of these customer favourites are right inside expertly arranged and well-lit commercial freezers.

The right commercial freezer is a powerful gateway to countless customer purchases. With clear glass panes, well-lit interiors, and organized shelves, stores can attractively position various merchandise and even prompt many impulse buys.

The most-savvy store owners even go a step farther: They add tempting exciting new offers for these frozen goods for customers and advertise them with attention-grabbing graphic designs.

Make Products Stand Out

Refurbished freezers are a staple of any successful visual merchandising strategy. The frozen sections of many grocery stores look identical — and often boring or dated — because they’re composed of nothing else but long rows of identical coolers and freezers. All the attractive merchandise is hiding on the shelves behind the glass. Because of this lack of visibility, stores miss out on an opportunity to sell more of their inventory to customers.

Effective product placement is the first step to any customer purchase, so stores must use refurbished freezers in excellent condition, with clear displays and sleek, polished profiles.

Refrigerated stock accounts for almost 50 percent of total inventory, so getting them in front of customers in perfect frozen condition can easily boost their sales, and guarantee fresh, quality taste that customers value. The worst thing you can do is leave these items behind the solid glass panes of traditional coolers and freezers.

Better Freezer Displays Equal Increased Profit

With clear glass panes and brightly illuminated shelves, your freezers could give your store a bump in sales. By making merchandise highly visible with attractive packaging, you capture customers’ interest and prompt them into making impulse buys they wouldn’t otherwise make.

Aside from eliminating the guesswork when browsing the shelves, upright glass door freezers also make shopping faster and easier because your customers don’t have to reach into deep freezers to get what they need.

Glass-door commercial freezers are a welcome upgrade to any grocery store, as they promote a pleasant and convenient shopping experience that boosts sales and long-term customer satisfaction.

Eye Level is ‘Buy Level’

A well-known fact in retail is, customers are more likely to buy what they can easily see. While it’s necessary to introduce new products with premium placement, consider where you’re placing them — and what they’re surrounded by.

Putting popular items, and products with the best margins at eye-level are the best tactics. It helps shoppers cut down on time and energy reaching up or down to scour the shelves for products they always buy. For maximum impact, make sure that new products are placed close to best-sellers to increase their visibility, and pair this with an attractive graphic highlighting your latest offer.

Position Last-Minute Impulse Purchases By the Checkout

Every shopper is guilty of throwing in a pack of gum, a chocolate bar, or a bottle of soda into their cart as they line up at the checkout aisles. These last-minute purchases capitalize on the power of impulse buying as a marketing strategy.

As many of these items often go inside refurbished commercial freezers or coolers, make sure that the display is brightly illuminated, and accommodated by enticing graphics for special offers that specifically target last-minute purchases.

Create a Bright, Attractive Display with LEDs

Supporting increased product visibility through clear glass panes are energy-efficient LED lights that brightly illuminate products, without the cost of high energy consumption. The warm, bright tones of LED lights make various frozen goods shine through glass doors, and help customers easily find what they are looking for. Plus, this bright lighting is glare-free, so product colours are rendered accurately with high contrast that makes them pop and catches customers’ attention.

Leverage Frost-Free Design

Another disadvantage to bunker or chest-style freezers is their static design. This means they’re not built with an automatic defrost system, so frost can easily build up and accumulate. Not only is it uncomfortable or unpleasant to reach into these deep-set freezers, but this also creates freezer burn that can impact product quality and freshness, especially for slower-moving inventory.

In contrast, the latest glass door commercial freezers feature a frost-free design. These units defrost automatically, so frost doesn’t build-up. With a refurbished glass door commercial freezer, you can store refrigerated stock for longer without the logistical nightmare of looking for safe, equally chilled temporary storage during necessary shutdowns, as well as freezer burn and reduced freshness.

Use Colours That Pop

Colour is an essential component of many retail displays. For grocery stores, in particular, the challenge is to elevate the typically muted or neutral tones of commercial appliances like glass door freezers to make mouth-watering treats stacked on the shelves even more appealing. The key is to enhance their role beyond storage and create space for attractive graphics to make products pop behind the glass panes.

Depending on the brand or product, using bright colours in frozen product displays create excitement for bold, new flavours, while cooler tones communicate an array of treats that allow customers to relax and slow down. From product packaging to freezer display, the right colours allow the entire frozen section to stand out and entice customers with the promise of delectable treats within reach.

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