Is It Time to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Is It Time to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment!

Posted by | 15-01-2020

You know what they say – nothing lasts forever. Though it's put together sturdily and built to last, for the most part, that includes commercial kitchen equipment. We understand it's expensive, so you try to get the most you can out of every freezer, refrigeration unit, stove, etc., in your establishment. But using some old equipment past its advisable replacement time is an open invitation for health/safety hazards and, as a result, damage to your bottom line. Add to that a poorly timed visit by the health department and, if your fridge or freezer isn't up to par, you could be in real trouble. Nobody needs that!

How do you know when the replacement of your commercial kitchen equipment becomes necessary? Obviously, if it breaks down entirely, it has to be replaced. But there are signs and symptoms the time for replacement could be drawing near.

Let's take a look at a few of those.

Your Refrigeration Unit

It may not be safe to use a commercial refrigeration unit even if it's still seemingly running. Bacteria and mold are attracted and encouraged by refrigerators. Your customers and food could be put in danger without frequent cleaning of your fridge. Regular maintenance is also required in your walk-in refrigerator. Routinely check the evaporator coil, condenser, and compressor. If necessary, replace them.

If these parts/units are breaking frequently, icing over, or running loudly, the entire refrigerator should probably be replaced. Also consider replacement if the temperature doesn't stay cold on a constant basis.

Feel the Heat – Or Not

Some of the most heavily used kitchen equipment are griddles and commercial ovens. Your kitchen staff will be in danger if faulty gas heating equipment exists. Customers can also be affected by gas fumes. Aging equipment on electric heating elements can short out. Foods may not be safe for serving or at correct temperatures when thermostats fail. If constant repair is needed on your cooking and heating equipment, you've got a liability there! Once frequent repair becomes an issue, replace the equipment.

Ice Ice, Baby

In the interior of your ice hold, bacteria and mold can form if an ice machine doesn't stay cold enough. Not only does the ice machine create ice, it must stay ventilated and stay cold so as not to make patrons sick. The ice machine water filtration system must be checked for deposits and mold. Is the machine keeping everything cold? Is running too much?

Remember to regularly clean the machine’s vents so that debris and dust don't collect, and ice contamination becomes an issue. This may be the hardest working piece of equipment in your kitchen. Therefore, it might be the most frequently replaced.

Two More Pieces to Go

Two other pieces of equipment that are frequently replaced in commercial kitchens are fryers and dishwashing equipment.

Keep your dishwashing equipment in good repair and it will likely last longer. Don't ignore small problems. Keep an eye out for puddles, because they are not only a kitchen hazard, they're going to alert you that the seals of your dishwasher are probably leaking. Also watch the temperature of water, watch for clogged sprayers, and check for thorough cleaning of dishes.

Fryers can become disgusting in a hurry. There's nothing like old grease/shortening to gum up the works. Once again, keep your fryers clean and in good repair. Before you use them, give them plenty of time to heat up. At the end of the day, give them lots of time to cool down. Regularly change the oil, grease, or shortening.

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