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Is It Time To Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Posted by | 21-05-2020

The commercial refrigerator is an essential appliance in supermarkets, restaurants and cafeterias. It keeps food fresh and editable, and as such plays a key role in the revenues of food and beverage businesses. However, as with all machines refrigerators will eventually wear out, and it is important to know when to replace them so they don’t suddenly break down at the worst possible time.

How Long Do Commercial Fridges Last?

A fridge or freezer that is properly maintained can last as long as ten years, but those that are not properly cared may break down in half the time. Refrigeration technology has advanced rapidly over the last thirty years, so even if you have a fridge older than ten years that still works, it is probably not as energy efficient as newer models. Below are some signs that your fridge is nearing the end of its service life.

The Refrigerator Is Struggling To Maintain The Proper Temperature

A quality fridge is one that is able to consistently maintain temperatures between thirty six and thirty eight degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that the temperature is constantly fluctuating, this is a sign that you’ve got a problem, especially if the machine is not able to keep temperatures below forty degrees. The culprit could be a damaged joint panel, hinges that have become worn out, or door gaskets which are faulty. All these issues will cause cold air to escape which over time will damage the compressor.

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Your Fridge?

A new refrigerator can be expensive, particularly those which are designed for commercial establishments. As a consequence, many business owners are tempted to repair their existing machines in order to save money. There are a number of reasons why this is a bad idea.

First, if the repairs aren’t done correctly, the fridge won’t operate at its full capacity, and can suddenly break down without warning, causing the food and produce you have in stock to be wasted. This can greatly inhibit your ability to operate your business and can even damage goodwill with your clients.

Additionally, when you consider the initial repair costs for repairing an aging refrigerator combined with the lackluster energy efficiency in comparison to newer models, over the long run buying a brand new fridge will save you more money.

Energy efficiency is critically important, especially for those that operate large facilities. The more refrigerators you have in a given space, the more energy they will use, and your energy bills will go up accordingly. So as a business owner it is in your best interest to purchase fridges which are as energy efficient as possible so that you can minimize your monthly power costs. Any refrigerators you own which are older than ten years, even if they are still working, are probably increasing your energy costs higher than necessary.

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