New, Used, or Refurbished Commercial Appliances? Which is the best option?

New, Used, or Refurbished Commercial Appliances? A Guide to a Smart Buy

Posted by | 29-06-2020

Brand new doesn’t always mean shiny or better, but many business owners and customers looking for refrigerators, gas stoves, and other kitchen equipment and commercial appliances are inclined to look at them first before. That’s because new appliances come with guaranteed longevity and extended warranty, making them seem like a smart investment despite the upfront cost.

But did you know that there are other ways to invest in sturdy and reliable commercial appliances without spending nearly as much? Many savvy buyers will consult Kijiji, Craigslist, and other marketplaces for secondhand goods to save on expensive equipment. Still, it’s a risk to take knowing that you can’t afford an equipment breakdown during store hours or peak restaurant mealtimes.

The good news is, there’s reliable and cost-effective middle-ground: refurbished commercial appliances. With a refurbished refrigerator, freezer, and other kitchen equipment, you can ensure smooth and high-volume reliable use but without the risk of breakdown due to age or wear-and-tear, or the hefty price tag of brand new appliances.

Discover the difference here to make a smart buy:

How to Choose Between New, Used, or Refurbished Commercial Kitchen Appliances

  1. New
    New kitchen appliances come straight from the store, factory, or dealer in tightly sealed packages, complete with a full manufacturer warranty of up to one year for all parts and accessories, with options for extension. Brand new commercial kitchen appliances are the most expensive because of this guarantee.
  2. Used
    The cheapest option for buying commercial appliances, used units tend to be older and, as the term suggests, previously used by the owner who has since moved on to a new model, or no longer needs them. Used commercial appliances are heavily discounted compared to brand new units because of the wear-and-tear, such as diminished battery life and cosmetic damage, and the lack of warranty for necessary repairs.
  3. Refurbished
    The smart option for savvy business owners who need commercial appliances but want to spend their business capital wisely. Refurbished commercial appliances have been previously used, but cleaned, repaired, and undergone necessary parts replacement before being resold. For guaranteed function and new and complete warranty protection, opt for manufacturer-certified or authorized reseller-certified refurbished units.

When Buying New Commercial Appliances

Commercial appliances are your lifeline as a store or restaurant owner — and it’s only natural to want to have the best tools for doing business. That’s exactly the appeal of new commercial appliances: guaranteed performance, up-to-date features and controls, and a sleek, modern profile.

It rolls off directly from the factory line and into the store, so you’re guaranteed that the parts are working, and will keep doing so without the risk of a breakdown. On the off-chance that it does stop working, you have full warranty coverage to take care of repairs — and the option to get extended lifetime coverage, all without incurring additional expenses.

However, it’s also no secret that new commercial appliances are expensive and require a major financial commitment to sustain. This can be challenging for new or small business owners, as the hefty capital investment involved means having lower cash reserves.

This is especially important because new restaurants — and every business — have a high failure rate in the first few months of operation, and need to recoup the capital in sustainable profits in order to keep earning and operating.

While it makes good sense to invest in brand new refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, and other commercial kitchen equipment, it’s important to consider the cost and value for money you will be getting against your budget.

The Case for Refurbished Commercial Appliances

There are a lot of misconceptions about buying used appliances. These are typically seen as secondhand, heavily used, and sometimes damaged equipment sold at a bargain price — and whatever you save on the cost of buying is ultimately paid for in necessary repairs and parts replacement. But these are not always true.

Refurbished commercial appliances are sold at a bargain, often by manufacturers and authorized dealers themselves. When faulty brand new units are returned or exchanged by buyers, these are repaired and fitted with replacement parts, certifying them as “refurbished.”

Whether it’s new parts or refinished exteriors due to cosmetic damage, these commercial appliances are essentially brand new again but are sold at a discount. For many budget-savvy store and restaurant owners, this means getting the equipment they need in guaranteed good condition but without the hefty price tag.

Commercial appliances refurbished by manufacturers and authorized dealers are also sold with a fresh warranty so that customers can access the same repair and maintenance benefits as brand new purchases.

What to Consider When Buying Refurbished

Commercial appliances are an investment in your business — and getting the best value out of them requires not just hunting for the best bargain deals, but taking care of the equipment to ensure long-term use.

  1. Where to buy
    There’s no shortage of used appliances on Kijiji or Craigslist, but for a smarter and guaranteed purchase, opt for certified refurbished commercial appliances by manufacturers and authorized dealers, like Ancaster Food Equipment.

    Unlike used appliances, refurbished appliances from trusted resellers are carefully inspected, repaired, and fitted with new parts and exteriors when applicable, so you can count on them to function uninterruptedly.

  2. Appliance maintenance
    Manufacturer — or dealer — refurbished commercial appliances often come with a fresh warranty, so you can expect a reliable repair service to keep appliances functioning as normal. You should also opt for regular maintenance to inspect parts and perform minor repairs to avoid costly breakdowns and emergencies during business hours.
  3. Know who to call
    Keep the contact information of the manufacturer or authorized dealer on-hand, so you can call them right away and schedule a repair in case of an appliance breakdown. As most certified refurbished commercial appliances are sold with a fresh warranty, you can avoid the cost of repairs, and restore normal operations in no time.

Are you looking for smart buys to upgrade your store or commercial kitchen? To learn more about the difference between commercial and residential refrigerators, call Ancaster Food Equipment at (855) 888-9644 or contact us here.

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