Proper Care for Open Case Produce Cooler to keep the display refrigerator functional

Proper Care for Open Case Produce Cooler

Posted by | 02-04-2024

The global commercial refrigeration market is growing robustly. It is anticipated to reach a staggering USD 60.5 billion by 2028, marking a CAGR of 5.8% from 2022 to 2028. This surge underscores the critical need for businesses to invest in reliable and effective refrigeration equipment to meet consumer expectations and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

global commercial refrigeration market

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With the industry's growth and the increasing importance of maintaining high standards of food safety and presentation, the necessity for proper care and maintenance of these refrigeration units has never been more pronounced. This blog aims to provide comprehensive insights into the meticulous care of open-case produce coolers, ensuring they continue functioning at their peak, thereby supporting businesses in their quest to deliver unparalleled quality and freshness.

Caring for Your Open-Case Produce Cooler

Caring for your open-case produce cooler is critical to ensuring your equipment's longevity and efficiency while maintaining the freshness and appeal of your produce. These coolers, designed to provide easy access and optimal visibility to consumers, require regular maintenance and mindful operation. 


When maintaining your open case cooler, handling the condenser, evaporator coils, and refrigerant tubing with care is crucial to avoid damage. These components are essential for the cooler's operation and, if mishandled, can lead to leaks or inefficiencies that compromise safety and performance. Always be mindful of potential refrigerant leaks, as they can pose serious risks, including eye injuries. Ensure that your cooler is situated away from ignition sources and maintain clear ventilation to promote even airflow. If you encounter any damage, it's imperative to immediately halt the operation and seek professional assistance to prevent further complications.

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Proper placement and installation are paramount for efficiently operating your open-case cooler. To avoid disrupting the air curtain that maintains a consistent temperature, position your cooler away from direct sunlight, HVAC vents, fans, and high-traffic doorways. Ensuring the cooler is level and has sufficient clearance around it facilitates optimal air circulation, essential for maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels. Overloading the shelves or storing items beyond the recommended capacity can impede performance, risking both the produce's safety and the cooler's efficiency.


Strategic arrangement within your open case cooler enhances product visibility and ensures efficient operation for improved sales. Maintaining an organized display is important, allowing for adequate air circulation around each item. Avoid overcrowding and ensure products are not blocking the airflow to prevent warm spots and uneven cooling. Moreover, keeping the cooler powered through a dedicated outlet prevents electrical overloads and maintains a consistent energy supply, safeguarding against potential hazards and ensuring uninterrupted operation.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the health and efficiency of your open-case cooler. Unplug the unit before any maintenance to prevent electrical hazards. Use mild detergents and soft cloths to clean the surfaces to avoid damaging them. For the condenser coil, a critical component for heat exchange, follow a regular cleaning schedule to remove debris and ensure efficient operation. Even if your cooler features a self-cleaning condenser, periodic checks and maintenance are advisable to address any grease accumulation and ensure optimal performance.

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Damage Assessment

Navigating through the intricacies of maintaining an open case produce cooler. There comes a time when you might encounter operational challenges. These could range from a complete halt in function to less obvious issues like inadequate cooling or non-functional lighting. 

Merchandiser Not Functioning

Has the breaker tripped?

Check your electrical panel to see if the breaker associated with the cooler has tripped. This is often a simple fix but can indicate an electrical issue needing further investigation.

Is the unit supplied with enough power?

Ensure the cooler is connected to a power supply meeting the manufacturer's recommended specifications. Insufficient power can prevent the cooler from functioning correctly.

Is the equipment on?

It might seem obvious, but sometimes, the solution is as simple as ensuring the cooler is turned on. Check the power switch and the control settings.

Proper Care for Open Case Produce Cooler to keep the display refrigerator functional

Merchandiser is Warm

Is the condenser clean?

A dirty condenser can significantly impact the cooler's ability to maintain the correct temperature. Cleaning the condenser regularly ensures that the cooler operates efficiently.

Is the inner airflow blocked by products?

Ensure that products are packed evenly and adequate space around them for air to circulate. Blocked airflow can lead to warm spots within the cooler.

Lights Aren't Working

Is the light switch on?

Check to ensure that the cooler's light switch is turned on. This is a simple but often overlooked step.

Are the lights correctly placed in the lamp holders?

Ensure that the lights are correctly installed in their holders. Loose or improperly installed lights can fail to illuminate.

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How Can Ancaster Food Equipment Help?

For over three decades, Ancaster Food Equipment has established itself as a trusted provider of refurbished refrigeration products across the United States and Canada. Specializing in premium open-case produce coolers, Ancaster brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the table, ensuring that each customer finds the perfect refrigeration solution tailored to their specific needs. From selecting the right model to guiding you through the installation process, their team of seasoned experts is committed to helping your business thrive by keeping your equipment in top-notch condition.

Beyond just sales, Ancaster's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to comprehensive after-sales support. Whether you need expert maintenance tips to prolong the life of your cooler or seek assistance with troubleshooting potential issues, their support team is readily available to provide the guidance and answers you need. Leveraging more than 30 years of industry expertise, Ancaster Food Equipment ensures that every cooler meets the high standards of today's market and contributes to the success and efficiency of your business operations.

Final Words

Proper care and maintenance of your open-case produce cooler are essential for keeping your produce fresh and your operations running smoothly. Following the guidelines outlined above, you can ensure that your cooler remains efficient, effective, and reliable for years. Ancaster Food Equipment is committed to supporting businesses in maintaining the highest standards of freshness and quality, making them a valuable partner in the success of your retail operations.

We encourage you to reach out at 1-855-680-4398 if you require further assistance or wish to explore our range of refurbished refrigeration solutions. Contact us at our dedicated support number to connect with our expert team, who are eager to assist you in every step of your journey towards maintaining the highest standards of freshness and quality in your business. Let Ancaster Food Equipment be the cornerstone of your success in the competitive retail landscape.

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