Selecting The Perfect Commercial Display Freezer

Posted by | 21-05-2020

A quality display freezer is a necessity for those that own a pub, bar, café or restaurant. They are readily transportable and use far less energy than models which are full sized. Below are some tips for selecting one.

Look For Models That Offer Excellent Visibility

A good freezer will make it easy for customers to visualize the food that is stored within without having to actually open the door. These freezers come in multiple variants, are made from steel, and some allow drinks to be displayed with the meals so customers can choose their preferred beverage. You want a model with glass that is both durable and simple to clean.

Be Sure To Select The Appropriate Size

Size is important when it comes to buying a freezer. You want to make sure it fits into the space where you want it to go, yet it needs to be able to hold the correct amount of produce. The good news is that these freezers come in various sizes, from small to large. Beer fridges are designed to hold alcoholic beverages and are perfect for pubs, bars or clubs as they allow large amounts to liquor to be displayed and chilled even during peak hours.

Store The Right Goods

Think carefully about what goods you plan to store inside your freezer. For example, if you want to display beverages and food, then the best option is a blizzard freezer, since they have very specific humidity and temperature controls which allow your beverages and food to be stored under the most optimal conditions.

Choose A Freezer That Is Stylish

A freezer is more than just a place to store food; it should also be stylish and a complement to the surrounding area. Look for models which have been constructed with contemporary features that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. People are less likely to buy food from a fridge that looks worn down or dirty. The shelves should be adjustable that way you can display foods at the correct height, and illumination should always be present inside the unit so the products are easy to see.

Choose The Right Type

These models come in multiple forms, including countertop freezers, ice cream freezers, and chest freezers. Those that are running a commercial establishment need to know the difference between each and where and when they should be used. Countertop freezers will typically be situated near cash registers so that those paying for goods will see them and can request any additional items they desire. These freezers are known to increase revenues at the point of sale.

Ice cream freezers are designed specifically to store ice cream, and are usually found in bakeries, supermarkets and ice cream parlors. These units have temperature ranges which are specific to ice cream and can store them for extended periods of time. Chest freezers are designed to carry boxed or bagged produce. Unlike most freezers, they are not designed to display goods and as such will usually not come with glass.

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