Simple Rules to Follow For Commercial Freezer Maintenance

Posted by | 13-01-2020

Commercial freezer maintenance is essential for those opening a restaurant. Following the simple tips below will ensure that your food remains fresh and free of contamination.

Review Your Electrical (Voltage) Level

Electrical (Voltage) issues can create serious problems if left unresolved. Hiring a technician to inspect your wires and other electrical components will ensure you’re not using more energy than you need. Gaskets should also be reviewed to ensure they are not worn out or covered with grime. Always deactivate the freezer lights before leaving, so the temperature and power levels remain regulated.

Check The Drain Line

The drain line should be inspected at least two times each year. If it isn’t, debris might buildup within which will eventually create problems that will be very expensive to fix. Hiring a technician to perform a routine inspection is far more cost effective.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals For Cleaning

Harsh chemicals should never be used for cleaning the freezer. The reason is because they might irritate its metal components which could lead to corrosion. The best cleaning agents are basic soap and water.

Always Clean The Condensing Coils And Evaporator

The condensing coils and evaporator can be also be cleaned with water and soap, along with a brush that is bristled. Failing to clean these two components at least two times each year will lead to freezer temperatures which are warmer than they should be, which can compromise the safety of the food contained within.

Remove Spills As Soon As Possible

Spills can and will occur within freezers, and the longer it sits, the harder it will be to remove. Worse, they are a breeding ground for mold, which you don’t want coming into contact with your meat and produce. Therefore, instruct your staff to clean up spills as soon as they occur, even during busy hours.

Check The Door Frame And Hinges Periodically

Mold will sometimes grow in places that are difficult to see and reach, such as the door frame and hinges. If this area isn’t inspected periodically, weeks or months could pass with mold growing inside the freezer without anyone being aware of it.

Setup A Freezer Maintenance Program

Aside from the drain line and electrical system, there are a number of other things that should be reviewed. If you are running a large and profitable restaurant, you cannot afford any freezer downtime, so the wisest course of action is to setup a freezer maintenance program. This program will allow you to detect problems in advance and ensure that your freezers are operating at maximum efficiency.

Monitor Your Freezer Temperatures Regularly

Checking the condensing coil and evaporator will provide a great indication of how well the freezer is managing its temperature, but this isn’t enough. It must be checked daily to ensure the temperatures are at a minimum of forty degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise it could be considered a health violation in some jurisdictions.

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