Solving Common Issues In Commercial Refrigerators

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Businesses, such as convenient stalls and restaurants, depend on refrigeration to keep food or drinks chilled. When refrigerators spoils, this can result in the loss of product, power and most importantly, profit. If your refrigerator is not functioning as it is supposed to, it can be a lot easier to rectify the issue than you would think.

Here are some common issues with commercial refrigerators and how you could go about resolving it.

Running Loudly

While they do make some sound, refrigerators are not very noisy machines. The compressors, motors, fans and other moving parts do create some sound as it is operating. However, we recommend that owners look out for strange or unfamiliar sounds that’s coming from their refrigerator. It could be a sign that a part of the refrigerator is malfunctioning and requires attention. A droning sound could be because of a malfunctioning evaporator motor. We advise businesses to contact a repair company to get the issue sorted out.

Build-Up of Ice and Frost

A build-up of ice and frost is a very common issue for refrigerators that has operated for several years, but is one that needs to be addressed. Such an issue can spoil the refrigerator over time if the issue is not addressed. The easiest way to address the issue is to adjust the defrost cycle of your refrigerator or to do a safe manual defrost. Do consult your refrigerator manual for specific instructions on how to do so.

If you are unable to find an instruction manual, switch off the refrigerator, remove the contents and allow your refrigerator to defrost for 1 – 2 hours.

Issues Powering On/Off

Some indicators to suggest that your refrigerator is facing power problems will be the lights in the refrigerator. If the lights are dim or do not turn on, this might suggest that there is a problem with the power supply. The wiring of the refrigerator is likely to be the cause of the issue. Do ensure that the power source is working; This can be done by testing if other appliances work using the same power source. If a faulty power source is not the cause of the issue, we advise businesses to contact a repair company or their supplier for advice.

Malfunctioning Compressors

A very important component in a refrigerator is the compressor, which is responsible for changing low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas. This in turn creates the cool air entering the refrigerator. If the compressor malfunctions, the refrigerator will be unable to cool and your goods may spoil in the process. Look out for tell-tale signs such as insufficient cooling, temperature inconsistencies, and unusual sounds from the refrigerator to identify the problem.

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