Steps For Designing A Fantastic Restaurant Menu

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Did you know that the restaurant menu of an establishment in the hospitality business is crucial to its success? Among things expressed in a menu should be the restaurant’s personality while it focuses on the following:

  • Keeping things fresh in the mind of consumers
  • Establishing a budget
  • Promoting profitability
  • Overall operations

When designing a menu, certain goals should be kept in mind. Your menu should convey your personality and say precisely who you are. Even after the server walks away with your menu, it must leave a lasting impression. The menu should promote your restaurant in a manner that excites customers and encourages return business, positive reviews, and good recommendations.

Before the Design Begins

Even before design starts, research should be done. From various sources, you’ll want to collect data. Take a good hard look at things like your numbers, your competitors, your vendors, and more. All of these come into play. In relation to the neighborhood immediately around you, consider your location. Most of your business is going to come from locals. Compare your restaurant to others in the area and ask yourself the following:

  • Do I offer more variety?
  • Is my pricing in line with theirs?
  • Do we have any menu items in common?
  • Do I offer things that my competitors don't? 

The Menu Design

Here, at least, there is no wrong or right. What fails at some establishments works at others. Just be sure to define and express the personality of your restaurant in the design and that it represents your objectives and your image. Are you wild? Fun-loving? Or sophisticated and classy? Simplicity and elegance are portrayed by plain, small text. To accent your festive side, consider a flashy, thick, image intensive menu.

Arranging Menu Items

The dining experience in your establishment should be represented by your menu.

Use a sequential arrangement, first off:

  • Appetizers, soups, and salads
  • Entrées
  • Desserts

To draw further attention to certain items, include photographs or set markers. If you have signature items, specifically spotlight them. Also give special notice to new selections.

Item Placement

Your menu’s prime sweet spots should contain those which have the biggest draw or are best-selling. This area is where the eyes of your customer first land when they look at your menu. Use columns:

  • A sense of playfulness is suggested by two columns.
  • Elegance and sophistication are evidenced by one column.

For signature items, they can be highlighted as follows, so that more attention is paid to them:

  • Add logos and labels
  • Add photographs and colors
  • Box off selections

You can also use creative, special names for your items that sound exotic, enticing, or fun. If you end up having a regular customer who eats there on an almost constant basis, you might even want to consider naming a dish after them! This is a big hit with customers!

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