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Taking Care of Your Commercial Freezer

Posted by | 19-03-2020

If you work in the food service industry and handle refrigerated or frozen food, you understand how essential it is to keep tools and appliances hygienic and in good condition. When it comes to the maintenance and cleanliness of your commercial freezer, there is no exception. Not only is regular cleaning and maintenance crucial for food safety, it also ensures that your commercial freezer is able to run smoothly. Let us look at the reasons why.

Maintain a Safe Temperature

If your freezer is not sufficiently cold, it can cause the food products you store in it to spoil prematurely. This affects the quality of your food when its taste, smell and texture are altered. It can also cause consumers to get food poisoning. Both of these consequences are terrible for business as they will negatively impact the reputation and profits of your establishment. One of the best ways to ensure that your commercial freezer runs at a consistently cold temperature is to clean it frequently. This prevents its inner mechanisms from being blocked with dirt and grime, allowing it to function efficiently.

Food and Safety Standards

Regardless of whether you use a walk-in freezer, deli freezer or island freezer, if you fail to clean it on a frequent basis, you are inviting trouble. It will give hazardous bacteria a chance to accumulate in your freezer, contaminating your frozen food products. This may cause your customers to contract a foodborne illness or food poisoning after they consume your food. As a food retailer, your customers trust you to provide them with food that complies with national food and safety standards. Cleaning your commercial freezer regularly is part of that responsibility.

Extend your Freezer’s Lifespan

Taking good care of your commercial freezer is an investment. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your freezer serves you well for many years to come. Cleaning your freezer often also gives you a chance to detect potential issues before they affect your food and business.

Cleaning your Freezer

This may seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t when you know what to do. Refer to our simple guide below when cleaning your freezer. Don’t forget to unplug your freezer before cleaning its interior and to use a mild detergent to prevent damaging any metal surfaces. It is also important to note that the condenser coils, fan blades, air return vents, and motor should be cleaned with minimal water.

  • Fan blades and motor: Wipe them down using a clean and soft cloth
  • Condensing unit: Brush it or vacuum it on a low setting once a month  
  • Evaporator coils: Brush it or clean it a mild detergent once a month
  • Air return vents: Clean them with a mild detergent and inspect them for clogging two or three times a year
  • Drain lines: Inspect them for clogging at least once a year
  • Door seals: Wipe them down using a cloth and soapy water

As you can see, regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial freezer has many benefits. Create a schedule for cleaning your freezer and stick to it. The results are worth it.

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