The Advantages Of A Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Glass door freezers used for storing ice cream have become a mainstay in convenience shops and even restaurants for many years. They play an important role in rising ice cream sales but there are some other facts that you should be aware of when it comes to such ice cream freezers. They are essential especially in hot seasons like summer because without them you would be selling melted ice cream to your customers. Here at Ancaster Food Equipment, we are a premier provider of novelty and glass door commercial freezers and a wide range of other refrigeration equipment. Below are some of the advantages of using commercial ice cream freezers.

They Can Be Upgraded

A typical ice cream dipping freezer can store up to 4 different types of ice cream but with newer models, you can choose to upgrade your options so that you can store more flavours and ice cream ingredients in your freezer. You can choose to upgrade your freezer so that the serving space can be increased to cater for more variety and volume. Furthermore, they can greatly increase efficiency because you will not have to waste time searching for the flavour that you want.

Cleaning it is Easy

One of the best advantages of owning a new commercial freezer is that you can use it for extended periods of time before it needs a clean. Conventional freezers on the other hand require that you clean them daily. This takes up a large amount of time and can be a hassle to your business. Newer models have been developed so that they are capable of staying clean for longer. Furthermore, they are more hardy and can maintain temperatures extremely accurately.

Variety of Different Glass Door Options

You can choose the model that you want based on your intended function and how you want it to look. Bear in mind that the glass doors and panels all play a part in how you want your freezer to function. A glass-door ice cream freezer is aesthetically pleasing and can entice customers to purchase more ice cream. Studies have shown that when customers have a good view of all the options that they can purchase from, they are more likely to engage in impulse buying. This is good news for you and your business because your profits can ultimately increase as a result of purchasing a commercial ice cream freezer.

They Are Energy Efficient

TRUE refrigeration is a step above the rest of the industry because it owns its own glass factory where the glass doors are manufactured. TRUE produces these parts at a much lower cost, allowing cost savings to be passed on to the customer. Furthermore, they can help with energy saving. This is thank to the argon that is placed between the glass panes so that your ice cream can be insulated, while still being able to be viewed by your customers. Furthermore, these freezers have glass that is coated in a low-emissivity metal film that can help to deflect heat and maintain temperatures.

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