Benefits of leasing a commercial refrigerator

The Benefits of Leasing a Commercial Refrigerator

Posted by | 14-02-2022

Any company that deals with perishable goods requires a commercial fridge. By using a high-grade, energy-efficient fridge, you can reduce both your business’ carbon footprint and its operational costs. There are a plethora of reasons to lease your fridge, ranging from financial perks to convenience. If you’re considering upgrading your cooling equipment, it can help to understand the different advantages of leasing a top-tier commercial fridge. 

Why should I lease a commercial fridge?

The primary benefit of leasing a commercial fridge is the cost-efficiency. Instead of paying for the fridge outright (and becoming responsible for maintenance and repairs), you can pay for its use through a lease. Depending on your company, you can realize different advantages from your fridge, from increasing impulse purchases to lower utility bills. The key is identifying a quality refrigerator that relies on cutting-edge technology, such as the refurbished TRUE® line of fridges. Provided you choose a reputable supplier and quality items, your company can reap a whole host of advantages 

1. Optimize your business’ cash flow

When you lease a commercial fridge, you aren’t strapped with the immediate cost to purchase the equipment. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a fridge, you can make payments in small monthly installments. It enables you to retain the cash you would otherwise dedicate to the refrigerator. A purchased fridge is entirely your responsibility, and if you tied up funds to buy it, you may be at risk of cash-flow problems. Since businesses rely on food equipment companies to ensure fridge quality, once you buy a fridge, it’s difficult to resell if you need those funds for other expenses. 

2. Allows you to avoid interest charges

Some companies use small business loans to purchase equipment, using generated revenue to cover the cost of payments. The downside of this is the high rates of interest on business loans. 

When you lease, you can avoid the hefty interest rates associated with lines of credit or loans. It gives you immediate access to refrigeration technology without interest building on its payments. Though leases do include an interest cost, because the food equipment company remains the technical owner of the fridge, there is no need to charge high interest to make a profit. This financial benefit transfers to the business owner through low monthly payments. 

3. Choice of ownership at the term’s end

Often, trepidation about leasing originates in wanting to own the fridge, rather than lease it. However, most leases have a purchase clause at the end of the term. This means that you get the full period of the lease to determine if it’s a good fit for your company. If it is, you can purchase the fridge for the remainder of its value (the part you didn’t pay out during the lease term). If you want the choice to purchase the fridge, be sure that your contract stipulates that you have that option at the end of the lease term. 

4. Fixed payments for a set period

Leases have the inherent benefit of predictability. You agree to a fixed cost for a set term and there are no surprises when it comes to your monthly bill, thus enabling you to budget accurately. There are lease terms as short as a year and as long as five years, depending on your business needs. Naturally, a shorter term comes with higher monthly payments, yet lower interest by the term’s end, while a longer-term features lower payments, but the higher interest paid over the course of time. The benefit is that you can choose a lease term that works for your company and plan accordingly. 

5. Improve corporate social responsibility

From potential tax incentives to improved public relations, helping the environment is a popular corporate social responsibility initiative. It allows you to make small changes (such as choosing an energy-efficient fridge) to reduce your carbon footprint.

Operationally, very little changes for your company, but it allows you to emphasize carbon consciousness by leasing eco-friendly equipment. Modern refrigeration technology requires significantly less power to operate. Plus, if you choose a refurbished item, you don’t contribute to carbon emissions at all.

6. Reduce your operational costs

Instead of absorbing the full responsibility of maintenance and potential repairs, leasing removes that risk by keeping the onus on the lessor. A quality fridge needs much less power to operate, increasing your company’s sustainability while lowering your utility expenses. 

When you lease a fridge, you pay a small amount monthly to use it via your lease. Since the fridge serves a purpose, it factors into your revenue by adding value. Combined with a lower power bill, especially if it’s replacing an older unit, a refurbished TRUE® commercial fridge lease can almost pay for itself. 

7. Increase customer satisfaction 

Many businesses that don’t necessarily deal with food or beverages can drive sales by leasing a small fridge. It’s a low-cost way to add value to customers, while also incentivizing them to make purchases. Any business can upsell a cold beverage or convenience snack, and by leasing a fridge, you don’t have to pay a large fee to offer that service. After the lease term, you have a better idea of your customers’ interests and purchasing habits. Not only do you get the revenue from the cooler’s sales, but you also get invaluable consumer insight that you can use for marketing or customer service. 

Commercial Fridge Leases: Final Thoughts

When it comes to commercial fridges, quality and energy-efficiency is paramount. There are tons of advantages to choosing a lease rather than a purchase, with a main perk being the chance to experience the technology before choosing a permanent solution. By opting to lease a fridge, your business can avoid any risk and reap all the benefits of refurbished TRUE® refrigeration. 

To learn more about how your company can benefit by leasing a commercial fridge, call Ancaster Food Equipment toll-free at (855) 888-9644 or send us a message to learn about our North America-wide shipping. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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