The Right Way To Store Ice Cream

Posted by | 21-05-2020

Ice cream is one of the most loved frozen dessert treats. Its creamy, smooth texture and the variety of available flavors are just a few reasons why everyone loves a scoop of this frozen treat. Since ice cream is perishable, one of the biggest challenges ice cream lovers face is how to store this tasty treat carefully to maintain its savory taste.

When ice cream is exposed to temperatures above10°F, it has the potential to change in texture, body, and flavor characteristics. Despite the varying consistency and flavor when manufacturing ice cream, it will lose its flavorful consistency if improperly stored or handled. As home freezers are opened and closed frequently, temperatures tend to fluctuate. This will therefore affect the overall quality of any ice cream stored.

So how can you keep ice cream in its most delectable form within a month of purchase or even longer?

Keep The Temperature Consistent

Always ensure that your freezer is operating at the right temperature before storing your ice cream. Ice cream melts fast and that is why you will need to make sure your freezer maintains a consistent temperature. When ice cream gets warmed up and cooled down several times, it tends to develop a grainy texture. To ensure this does not happen, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not store your ice cream near the door of the freezer as it will experience constant temperature fluctuation, thus, affecting its texture.
  • Place your ice cream at the back of the freezer.
  • Try to minimize the number of times you open the freezer door.
  • Never place hot items in the freezer.

Keep The Air Out

Use the right containers such as Tupperware to store ice cream. It is recommended to use lidded plastic containers meant for freezer storage as ordinary plastic containers tend to get brittle when frozen. When you are done having your frozen treat, it is advisable to place a layer of plastic wrap directly over the remaining ice cream before returning it in the freezer. This helps to reduce the formation of large ice crystals and prevents it from forming a hard surface.

Prevent Flavors from Mixing

Smells from a variety of frozen food can linger in your freezer from time to time. Unless you keep your frozen treats in a separate chest freezer, these daunting smells can potentially mix with your ice cream, changing the overall flavor. One way to remove odors from your freezer is by keeping an open container with baking soda inside. The baking soda will absorb any odor coming from other foods.

Get a Reliable Freezer

Ice cream that are kept under consistent low temperatures can last for months while maintaining its original flavor. The lower the temperature the better, however, most basic home freezers are not manufactured to go below zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you are thinking of creating your own ice cream at home, you may want to reconsider investing in a commercial freezer that is designed to go up till -40 degrees Fahrenheit. At these extreme temperatures, ice cream can even be stored for a couple of years if it remains undisturbed.

If you are in the ice cream business, it is highly recommended to consult experts dealing with freezing equipment to find out which equipment is suited for your needs. Investing in high-end freezers known as novelty freezers (specially designed to store ice cream in stores) will not only ensure you maintain the quality and freshness of your merchandise, but enables your customers to access the items easily.

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