The Right Way To Store Salmon

The Right Way To Store Salmon

Posted by | 11-01-2020

When it comes to enjoying salmon, storing it well is just as important as getting a high quality and fresh cut. Poor storage not only affects the flavor and texture of the fish, it can also lead to contamination which can cause food poisoning. To store salmon well, one of the most important things to consider is how you package it. Fish stored in the freezer has to be kept in sealed containers or tightly wrapped up to prevent freezer burn from forming on the fish. Another essential thing to consider is the temperature of your freezer.

How cold should your freezer be?

When you purchase seafood from the market, it is typically frozen. That’s why it is crucial that you maintain its frozen state to prevent it from spoiling. To do this, you must ensure that your freezer is set to a sufficiently low temperature. The temperature in a residential freezer should be at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -17 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, you run the risk of your frozen products getting contaminated.

What happens if your freezer is not cold enough?

At any temperature higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, ice crystals will gradually accumulate in the salmon. This will cause the salmon meat to soften, resulting in the loss of its great texture.

If your freezer is not cold enough, you can try to resolve the issue by making adjustments to the temperature setting control panel. If that does not lower the temperature, you will have to get your freezer serviced.

What is the right way to thaw salmon?

Many people like to thaw their salmon in a sink or on the countertop. However, thawing frozen food products outside of a cold environment can be dangerous to your health. This is because the fish thaws gradually. When the outer part of the fish thaws, the inner part may still be frozen. While you wait for the fish to thaw completely, the outer part of the fish may become warm enough to be conducive for harmful bacteria growth and contamination. The best way to avoid any health risks is to thaw your salmon in your fridge.

After you have thawed your salmon, you should leave it in the fridge until you want to use it. It is important that you keep your salmon properly wrapped or sealed in the fridge, just like it was in the freezer. This will help to maintain the quality of the fish and prevent contamination.

How long can you keep thawed salmon?

Fresh fish like salmon can only last a couple of days after it has been thawed. Before you consume any fish that has been in your fridge for a few days, you should first check that it is still safe to eat. Signs of spoiled fish are a pungent smell and a slimy surface. If you feel that there is a chance your fish may be spoiled, you should throw it away rather than run the risk of food poisoning.

Now that you know the right way to store and thaw your salmon, you can ensure that you will always have good quality salmon for your home-cooked meals. You can also apply these storage methods to other kinds of seafood is keep them fresh and safe for consumption.

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