Top Tips To Create A Memorable Restaurant Concept

Top Tips To Create A Memorable Restaurant Concept

Posted by | 10-01-2020

Tips for Coming Up with a Restaurant Concept

Starting a restaurant requires a lot of planning and commitment. For it to be a success, you need to come up with memorable restaurant concepts that will work. What are the things you should consider to make your restaurant stand out?


Your originality is what will appeal to people into your restaurant. This will be seen in many ways. The best way to go about it is first of all research on the neighboring restaurant concepts . See what concepts the owners have used in their restaurants. Remember these will be your competitors, therefore, you need to look for gaps within the area. An original concept does not necessarily mean that the idea has never been used before. It just has to be new in that area. 

Originality portrays itself in many ways. It could be a signature meal, the theme of the restaurant or offers that you may give to your loyal customers. Some restaurants have agreements with local breweries where they only offer local beers. You could decide to have a roman theme restaurant where you serve Italian food in an area where there are no Italians. This will greatly entice the locals to eat at your restaurant just to experience your creativity. 

Consider Your Location

Every location, be it a neighborhood or a boulevard has a personality just like the people living around it. Around the corner could be a different personality. Before setting up the restaurant concepts even with a location in mind, you should consider the market and the lease pricing too. The two should go hand in hand. You should ask yourself questions such as what’s the atmosphere of the people around? What are they missing? The right concept will have the locals appreciate you even more. They will know that you took your time to understand them first.

 Do Not Give Up On Your Passion                                       

Before you commence on your research, you should ask yourself whether you will enjoy what you're doing. Will you enjoy serving and interacting with people? The concept you finally decide on should be something that you will be passionate about as it will keep you going even during harsh times.

Think of Your Audience

You need to think about the people that you are trying to target. Both financially and socially. For example, If the restaurant is near a school, one should consider having a kids' menu. Restaurants near campus should consider selling beers at cheaper prices. Who are your top daily customers?

You may also need to compare with your competitors asking yourself why some people prefer other restaurants. It may be because other restaurants offer some services that you do not offer.

Animals And Pets

Pets? What do they have to do with anything? A recent study shows that the presence of pets such as cats or parrots tends to calm customers giving the notion of relaxation.You can have a pet section in your restaurant which will definitely attract pet lovers. Or, you can allow owners with pets to bring along their furry friends when they come to eat. This can lead to a better interaction between the owner and customers. However, ensure that you have a secluded area for pets for hygienic purposes.

Once you have your concept in mind, the next thing to do is invest is quality restaurant equipment, including commercial refrigerators in order to provide quality food.

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