Top Vs. Bottom Freezer: Which Is Better?

Posted by | 21-05-2020

Choosing a refrigerator may seem simple, but there are many things to think about. As refrigerators come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and finishes, there are many decisions to make. One of these decisions is whether to get a top mount or bottom freezer. This is an important because each option comes with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your personal lifestyle, how often you use your refrigerator, the types of food items that you tend to buy and the benefits that you value more. Choosing the right freezer location will make using the refrigerator more convenient for you in the long run. Let us now look at the benefits that each freezer location offers to help you make the decision.

Benefits of a Top Mount Freezer

  • Energy Saving: In general, top mount freezers are more energy efficient than freezers located at the bottom of refrigerators. This is because the compressor, which helps the refrigerator and freezer maintain a cool temperature and tends to heat up, is located the underneath the refrigerator. Therefore, less energy is needed to maintain the optimal temperature of a top mount freezer due to it being farther away from the hot compressor. You may be wondering: How much energy can I possibly save by choosing a top mount freezer? You will be glad to know that top mount freezers consume about 10-25% less energy.
  • Less Straining (if you use the freezer more): Are you someone who frequently uses your freezer? Do you find yourself reaching for food items in your freezer more often than the food items in your refrigerator? Do you tend to store heavy food items in your freezer? If you answered yes to all three questions, a top mount freezer may be the best option for you. Remember that your freezer location should depend on your lifestyle. As someone who frequently retrieves food items from the freezer, it is less straining if you have a top mount freezer as it is located conveniently at your eye-level. You do not have to do a squat whenever you need something from the freezer. Additionally, it is less tiring to lift a 30-lb turkey from a top mount freezer than a bottom freezer.

Benefits of a Bottom Freezer

  • Less straining (if you use the refrigerator more): If you use your refrigerator more than your freezer, a bottom freezer may be the one for you. This way, most of your everyday food items will be located conveniently at your eye-level and within easy reach. You will need to squat down if you want to retrieve a frozen item from your freezer. However, that shouldn’t be a problem since it doesn’t happen that often anyway.
  • More Storage Space: Many Americans buy their frozen food items for the whole week and store them in the freezer. If you do this as well, it is likely that you will need more freezer space. There is where bottom freezers have the advantage over the top mount freezers. Most bottom freezers come with pull-out shelves and lift-out baskets for maximum storage space and convenient access.

Now that you know the benefits of each freezer location, you should be able to make an informed choice. Happy shopping!

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