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Tricks for Achieving an Organized Freezer

Posted by | 19-03-2020

How well-stocked is your freezer? The more you have in there, the better prepared you are for meals, emergencies, entertaining, etc. To save time on food preparation and food purchasing, nothing beats a full freezer. But you can kiss that time savings goodbye if your freezer isn't organized. It'll take more time to find what's inside with no organization.

Surely there are ways to make your freezer not only full, but something other than a vast wasteland of unorganized, unidentifiable contents. Remember, just because it's in the freezer doesn't mean that it's going to last an eternity. Quality declines if, within a certain time frame, things are not eaten or used. Some foods stay frozen longer, yes, but nothing lasts forever! Let's look at how to organize that freezer of yours!

Use the Right Containers

The right shaped containers will go a long way toward helping you organize your freezer. You can use space more efficiently and things will fit better if, for freezer storage, you choose rectangular or square containers over round ones. Freezer bags may also work, and when containers are clear, it's easier to see what's inside.

Food Groups in the Freezer

Remember the food groups they taught us about as kids? You can use those to sort your freezer foods. Store breads together, dairy items together, fruits and vegetables together, fish, meat, and poultry together, and the sauces and soups that don't particularly belong in a group together.

Got Freezer Magnets?

A freezer magnet isn't actually necessary for the suggestion, but with one you'll be able to keep a freezer inventory form on the front of your refrigerator/freezer so that you know what's inside, when it went in there, its use-by date, it's location, and possibly more. This could also come in handy when you need to make a shopping list.

In Bulk or By the Serving?

Some people choose, rather than freezing things in bulk, to freeze them in serving sizes. Break up the food or sauce into equal normal servings, and rather than thawing an entire batch when you need some, you will have individual servings which are not only easy to use but quick to thaw.


Though mentioned before, it's worth mentioning again. Using freezer bags in which to store things like soups and sauces is a great idea, provided you close them tightly. All the air can be squeezed out, so they'll take up less room than a bulky container.


Labels, no matter how you stack things in your freezer, are something that are invaluable when it comes to organization. You can use freezer tape, masking tape, mailing labels, and a permanent marker. On the label you should include the freezing date and the contents of the container. You may even decide to use a use-by date and instructions on preparation.

You're Freezing What?

There are foods that don’t freeze well. They are as follows:

  • Many raw vegetables (by blanching these before freezing, you will better be able to take advantage of Summer produce)
  • Eggs in the shell
  • Fresh herbs and salad greens
  • Yogurt and milk will change textures
  • Sour cream separates

Got That Freezer Organized?

With the above stated tips, hopefully, you can once again make your kitchen your friend and best way to save efforts, money, and time. Now if you are in the market for a commercial freezer, we've got one more suggestion for you...

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