True Refrigeration: A Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Fridges

True Refrigeration: A Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Fridges

Posted by | 03-01-2019

High-quality commercial refrigeration is in constant demand. Retail spaces and commercial kitchens have a variety of unique refrigeration needs compared to home refrigeration. From being opened countless times per day to storing massive amounts of foods and beverages, all at different temperatures, commercial fridges must be able to withstand the everyday wear-and-tear that comes from retail use. High-quality refrigerator units can be the difference between happy and unhappy—or worse, ill customers.

Refurbished Units

Although quality is crucial when keeping food cold in a commercial scope, refurbished units often offer a similar quality standard at a fraction of the price. At Ancaster Foods, we trust the quality of True Refrigeration products so much that we have dedicated ourselves to repairing and refurbishing fridge models of this brand. Not only do we clean, sand, and paint the old model, but we even install a new compressor, set of casters, and bright LED lights for enhanced visibility, which is perfect for retail locations. These refurbished units are often retrofitted with modern enhancements and are tested to ensure their quality. As a result, refurbished models can be just as effective and reliable as new models.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration is a complex and massive industry, and navigating the purchasing process can be quite difficult. Depending on your specific needs, there are countless fridges available for commercial use. It is up to you to do the research, identify your needs, and choose a unit that best reflects your commercial cooling requirements. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of refrigerators and their strengths:

  1.Reach-in fridges

Reach-in fridges are the most common choice for commercial refrigeration in retail spaces such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and take-out restaurants. These units allow customers to open the door and take the product they want, where they can then pay for it at the counter. Reach-in fridges offer easy access for customers while also keeping the fridge temperature cold enough to protect the food and drinks inside.

However, because these units are opened countless times each day and cold air is bound to escape, these spaces require fridge units that can cool down food products fast. True Refrigeration models are designed to operate at colder temperatures compared to the industry standard, which helps cool your beverages faster and with more consistency.

  2. Glass-door fridges

Glass doors offer unmatched visibility, making them perfect for retail spaces. Unfortunately, cold air can escape through thin glass, so be sure to research the type of glass before purchasing. True Refrigeration uses double-paned, insulated glass to allow for maximum visibility while also minimizing the cold air that escapes, in models with one, two, or three glass doors.

  3. Countertop Coolers

Generally used for displays on checkout counters, countertop coolers and small refrigeration units are perfect for impulse-buys at the checkout line. For restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and even vineyards, countertop coolers are displayed right in the customer’s eye-line as they check out, which can increase last-minute sales. These units are designed to accommodate fewer beverages, but the convenient sizing makes it easy to move to the area of your retail space that is most likely to generate sales. For high-end beverages, countertop coolers allow you to showcase choice beverages in a way that is sure to be noticed by the consumer.

  4. Worktop refrigerators

Designed to accommodate a small refrigeration unit under a typical chef’s workspace, worktop refrigerators are perfect for commercial kitchens and other large companies that require savvy special design. For chefs who work in large restaurants, a lack of kitchen storage and cold-storage space can be stressful. The solution: worktop refrigerators. These units are equipped with a fridge under a flat, solid worktop surface, which is perfect for a chef’s cutting board, knives, and other tools. This space-saver allows chefs to work while offering instant access to cold storage, without taking up valuable floor space in the kitchen.

  5. Under counter fridges

For restaurants and bars, under-counter fridges can offer a massive amount of accessible cold-storage space while also preventing customers from helping themselves to beverages. They are perfect for storing beer, wine, pop, bottled water, and other beverages. By installing the fridge under the bar, you can ensure your bartenders have instant access to large quantities of drinks while also protecting your inventory from customers by separating them from the product with the bar in the middle.

  6. Freezer units

Not only does True Refrigeration manufacture quality fridges, but they also create high-end commercial freezers. From ice cream to frozen food, these freezers are perfect for convenience stores and grocery stores that offer large amounts of frozen foods directly to their customers. At Ancaster Foods, our refurbished freezers are equipped with energy-efficient glass doors that offer maximum visibility and accessibility while retaining as much cold air as possible. This will keep your food frozen and ready for purchase.

At Ancaster Foods, our goal is to connect commercial outlets, professional kitchens, and retailers of all sizes with the commercial refrigeration they need. Our refurbished True Refrigeration fridges and freezers offer unmatched cooling power that often exceeds the industry standard at a fraction of the price. We pride ourselves on our dedication to sustainability and quality, and by refurbishing True Refrigeration products, we can offer both for our customers.

For more information about refurbished True Refrigeration fridges, or to inquire about our freezers and other services contact us here.

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