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True vs. Competition: 10 Reasons Why True Commercial Refrigeration Stands Out

Posted by | 07-08-2023

The commercial refrigeration equipment market is amid a remarkable transformation, and True Commercial Refrigeration stands at the forefront of this change. According to a report by Market.us, the worldwide Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Market size is estimated to exceed USD 65.2 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 5.3% this 10 years. Global Commercial Refrigeration Market: True vs. Competition

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This growth is driven by the rise in demand for Smart and Automated Refrigeration — a trend that True has been instrumental in shaping. True's commitment to innovation and quality has positioned it as an industry leader seeking more intelligent and efficient solutions. 

As the market evolves, True continues to play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of businesses, offering unparalleled products that align with the shifting landscape of commercial refrigeration. In the following sections, we will explore the unique attributes that make True a standout name in this burgeoning market, reflecting its legacy of excellence and innovation.

True Brand on the Path to World-Class Commercial Refrigeration

With over 78 years of award-winning refrigeration, True Refrigeration's story began in the 1940s when Frank, Art & Bob Trulaske crafted the first-ever Upright Freezer in the garage. This humble beginning marked the genesis of an iconic brand. As Roll-Top units gained popularity in the 1950s, True expanded into global sales, reaching markets in Central America and the Caribbean. The subsequent decade witnessed further innovation, with the development of GDM Glass Door (Upright) Merchandisers, solidifying True's position as an industry innovator.

Entering the Food & Beverage industry in the 1970s, True continued to push boundaries, developing a new technology (fan motor) and building on successes in the Food & Beverage industry sector during the 1980s True's growth continued into the 1990s. During this period, orders from the US food chain grew, and international growth accelerated, reflecting True's global appeal.

The new millennium marked a shift towards sustainability and customization for True. In the 2000s, they introduced a new lineup and pioneered the more efficient R290 refrigeration system, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. The 2010s saw the introduction of Glass (Curved) Display products, offering a cool look to True's products.

From its recent introduction of the Exclusive Bar Series after 2020, True continues to innovate, reflecting its Midwest roots and family values. True's 78-year journey from a garage invention to a world-class brand demonstrates an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their story is an inspiring testament to what can be achieved through ingenuity, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

True vs. Competition: 10 Reasons Why True Commercial Refrigeration Stands Out

We'll delve into the 10 specific reasons that make True a standout name in commercial refrigeration.

1. 70 Years of Experience 

With over 78 years of experience, True Commercial Refrigeration has developed unparalleled expertise in the field. This vast experience has enabled True to innovate and refine its products, tailoring them to the needs of businesses. From designing to manufacturing, True's longstanding presence in the market has allowed the brand to set industry standards.

True's commitment to continuous growth has allowed the company to adapt to changing market needs. They provide products that reflect a deep understanding of commercial refrigeration by applying lessons learned over seven decades.

2. Made in America 

True takes pride in manufacturing its equipment in America. This not only ensures high quality but also supports local jobs and the domestic economy. By controlling the manufacturing process closely, True can maintain stringent quality standards.

The “Made in America” label signifies more than just geography; it's a testament to True's dedication to excellence, using high-grade materials and engineering techniques that are the hallmark of American manufacturing.

3. Industry Leader 

True is recognized as an industry leader in commercial refrigeration. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned it numerous awards and accolades, from developing energy-efficient solutions to pioneering new technologies, True leads by example.

Being an industry leader means that True doesn't just follow trends but shapes them. Their proactive approach towards innovation and quality has made them a go-to brand for businesses seeking dependable refrigeration solutions.

4. Built for Commercial Purposes

True Refrigerators are designed with businesses in mind. They are not merely appliances but essential tools tailored to commercial requirements. Every feature is thoughtfully crafted to support business operations, from customizable shelving to robust construction.

Efficiency and functionality are at the core of True's design philosophy. Each refrigerator is built to withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial environment, ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly and effectively.

5. Sturdy Components 

True's equipment stands out for its use of heavy-duty components. These components are carefully selected and engineered to withstand intense usage, thereby guaranteeing a longer lifespan. Every part of True's refrigeration unit exemplifies durability, from compressors to hinges.

This focus on heavy-duty construction means that True's equipment doesn't just perform well but continues to do so year after year. It's an investment that pays dividends by providing consistent, reliable service.

6. Rigorous Quality Control

Quality assurance is fundamental to True's manufacturing process. Every single unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets and often exceeds industry standards. True's products, from temperature control to energy efficiency, are scrutinized to guarantee top performance.

This meticulous testing process ensures that each unit is dependable and up to the task. When investing in a True Commercial Refrigerator, you invest in a product thoroughly vetted for excellence.

7. Superior Warranty of 5 to 7 Years

True's commitment to quality is further exemplified by its comprehensive warranty coverage. Each compressor is covered by a 5- to 7-year warranty, a clear testament to the confidence True has in its products. This warranty provides peace of mind and demonstrates True's dedication to customer satisfaction.

Not just a promise, this warranty reflects True's confidence in the durability and reliability of its products. It's a tangible expression of the brand's belief in its own craftsmanship and engineering prowess.

8. Energy Efficient

True Commercial Refrigeration has an unwavering commitment to energy efficiency. Their products are engineered to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. Utilizing the latest technology and design principles, True's equipment meets the highest standards for sustainability.

The focus on energy efficiency lowers operating costs and reflects True's responsibility toward environmental stewardship. By choosing True, businesses opt for an environmentally friendly solution that aligns with modern sustainability goals.

9. Exceptional Customer Service 

True understands that quality products are only part of the equation. That’s why they offer exceptional customer service to support their clients through every phase of the purchase. Whether pre-sale consultation or post-purchase support, True's team ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Their exceptional customer service extends to offering expert advice, prompt responses, and assistance tailored to each client's individual needs. True's commitment to its customers demonstrates a level of trust and integrity that sets them apart in the industry.

10. Versatility and Customization Options 

One of the unique selling points of True Commercial Refrigeration is its versatility and customization options. True offers a wide range of products tailored to specific business needs. True provides solutions that fit any commercial environment, from different sizes and configurations to unique features and add-ons.

This flexibility in design and customization ensures that each True refrigerator is not just a piece of equipment but an integral part of the business, designed to enhance functionality and efficiency. By offering bespoke solutions, True ensures its products can seamlessly fit into and support the unique demands of any commercial venture.

True vs. Competition: A Number of Commercial Freezers

Expert Tips on Choosing the Top Commercial Refrigeration Brand

These expert tips are designed to guide you through the process of selecting the best commercial refrigeration brand. By following these guidelines, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business needs and goals. Remember, a thoughtful selection process will lead to a long-term investment that supports your business's success.

Assess Your Specific Needs 

Before settling on a brand, it's crucial to understand the specific needs of your business. Consider factors like size, temperature requirements, energy efficiency, and special features that may be necessary for your operations. Identifying these needs will guide you in selecting a brand that can best meet them.

Consider the Brand's Reputation 

Investigate the brand's reputation within the industry. Look for customer testimonials, reviews, and industry awards. Brands like True, with proven track records, are more likely to provide reliable, high-quality products. A good reputation is often built on consistency and customer satisfaction, and choosing a well-regarded brand reduces risk.

Evaluate Warranty and Support Services

Always check the warranty and customer support services offered by the brand. A solid warranty is a sign of confidence in the product's quality. Customer support that is accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable can be vital if you encounter issues or need assistance with your equipment.

Compare Energy Efficiency Ratings 

With increasing energy costs and a growing emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency is essential. Compare the energy efficiency ratings of different brands and models to find a refrigeration solution that meets your efficiency goals without sacrificing performance.

Seek Professional Consultation if Needed 

If you find it challenging to decide, consider seeking professional consultation. Industry experts can provide insights tailored to your business, helping you navigate the various options and find the best fit. Investing in professional guidance can save time and ensure that your investment in commercial refrigeration is wise.

Final Words: True vs. Competition

Choosing the right commercial refrigeration system is a critical decision that can affect the success of a business. True Commercial Refrigeration is a trusted name that has consistently delivered exceptional products for over 70 years. True's commitment to excellence is unmatched, from its American-made quality to rigorous testing. 

Investing in True means investing in a legacy of quality, innovation, and dependability that has made it a leader in the industry. Whether you're starting a new venture or looking to upgrade your current system, True Commercial Refrigeration offers solutions designed to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations.

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