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Using Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean Your Fridge

Posted by | 19-03-2020

Everyone who owns a fridge knows that you should regularly clean it. This can help keep your food hygienic and fresh. However, most people think that this is a lot of laborious work and that the chemicals used can affect the food. This article will explain the benefits of using safe substances like vinegar and baking soda to clean your fridge. Here at Ancaster Food Equipment, we provide the best refrigeration solutions in the countries and have a wide variety of commercial freezers of the highest quality.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Fridge

A common misconception is that we need hash chemicals and expensive products to help us clean and disinfect our fridge effectively. In actual fact, all you need to clean your fridge is a fair amount of dishwashing soap and vinegar.

How to Start

First, what you want to do to safely clean your refrigerator is to turn the power off. After removing all the food items inside your fridge, mix the dishwashing liquid with water to create a soapy mixture. Be sure to take the drawers inside the fridge out as well so that you can wash them in the sink. It is important to note that in cool and moist environments, mold can grow very easily. Vinegar is a safe substance that you can use to kill any fungi that is hanging out inside your fridge. Make sure you wipe the fridge with vinegar after using the dishwashing liquid because it is a powerful way to get rid of allergens.

How to Know When Your Fridge is Clean

If you want to ensure that your fridge is thoroughly disinfected, it is wise to use stronger substances such as isopropyl rubbing alcohol that has at least a 70% alcohol content. What you want to do is to wipe away the contamination in your fridge with a cloth or a dry paper towel and spray the rubbing alcohol to that specific spot. Let it sit for about half a minute and then wipe it dry. Make sure that the alcohol does not come into contact with the food and be sure to use it only if it is absolutely necessary.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Here at Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand that there are certain foods which might taste delectable but omit an odor inside your fridge. If you are experiencing this, or if a rotten food item has ruined the sir in your fridge, all you need to do is to use baking soda. Since you have already wiped your fridge with vinegar, you will not have to tear it apart again to get rid of the unwanted smell. What you need to do is place a tiny plate of baking soda inside your fridge and miraculously it will absorb the smell.

If you constantly need to deal with stubborn odors, do not worry. It can be hard to get rid of such smells because the particles from the food can get stuck with plastic and silicone in your fridge easily. You can choose to cleanse the smell of your fridge with a drop of peppermint or lemon oil on a cotton ball. Placing this in your fridge can help you to deodorize the whole unit.

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