What Should You Do If Your Restaurant Refrigerator Breaks Down?

What Should You Do If Your Restaurant Refrigerator Breaks Down?

Posted by | 26-01-2020

In the restaurant business, one of the most stressful things that can happen is when a refrigerator breaks down. This means that all the food stored is at risk of going bad therefore, the restaurant refrigerator breakdown will be recording losses. Furthermore, this inconvenience reduces the quality of food, putting the owner’s reputation at risk. To avoid this, one is advised to run regular maintenance on their equipment to make sure it is running in its full capacity. However, accidents happen that you can't control. So, what should one do when the fridge isn’t working? Here are some of the things one must consider.

Look for An Alternative Cooling Solution.

First things first. If your refrigerator breakdown, you need to first take care of the food. Ensure that you transfer all the foodstuff that was in the fridge in a safe place. It is advisable to have an extra commercial countertop cooler which comes in handy in case of a break down.

Make Sure You Have A Bag of Ice.

If you don’t have a cooler, at this point leave everything untouched from the fridge and look for a bag of ice. It is better to leave the food inside the fridge and place the bags of ice inside instead even without power. For restaurants in the suburbs, bags of ice might be easier to acquire unlike in the projects or city. You can also have the food in the ice bags and put them in a bathtub. Even if the ice bags melt, it will hold the cold for some time.

Select What Food to Keep And What To Throw Away.

There are some foods that you can prioritize according to the space of the acquired cooling alternative. Chances are you may have more than what can fit. At this point, you may need to consider what might go bad faster than the other. You could decide to cook or pasteurize some foods. Pasteurized milk can stay for a longer time compared to fresh milk. You may have to separate into three categories

  • Foods that do not necessarily need refrigeration. These include those foods that are kept in the fridge so that they can be cold. For example, sodas, bread, water, etc.
  • Foods that need refrigeration but do not go bad easily these are mainly fruits and veggies. Hard cheeses are also in this category.
  • Foods that should be given priority. They include foods that can expire easily. For example, raw seafood, meat, and dairy products like soft cheeses. These are normally the most expensive. In the case that they go bad you should throw them away or cook the food and give it to your neighbors.

Have Your Fridge Repaired

Contact a technician to come take a look at your equipment. He or she will do a diagnosis run first and let you know what the issue is. Repairs are encouraged especially if the fridge is fairly new or the damage is not daunting. If you have purchased your equipment from a reputable commercial refrigerator dealer, you may want to check if it is still within its warranty period before repairing it.

Purchasing A New Refrigerator.

You may need to buy a new one but one should carefully research the different types that are there in the market first. Always ensure that you buy from authorized dealers with quality equipment.

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