Top Tips To Create A Memorable Restaurant Concept

What To Consider Before You Kickstart Your Restaurant Business

Posted by | 21-05-2020

Opening a restaurant business can be rewarding, but it is also very challenging. You must manage the budget, the logistics, cooks and waiters and the marketing and you must also remain in compliance with local laws. As you can imagine, doing all this can be daunting, but below are some tips that will help you launch a highly successful restaurant that will be the envy of the competition.

Market and Budgeting

Before opening a restaurant, you need to know what demographic you’ll be targeting. Will it be a classy, upscale restaurant, or a standard fast food eatery? Will customers be able to order take out or have the food delivered to their home? You will probably need to lease a commercial space, and that must also be factored into the equation, and of course you will need to purchase refrigerators, ovens, stoves, cutlery and other appliances.

Research the restaurants which are already present in the area where you intend to operate, and avoid serving food which is already being served. In other words, if there is already an Italian restaurant present in your area, do not open another one. Instead, open a restaurant which serves food that is not being served by rival eateries, that way you stand out, which is essential.

Unleash the power of online marketing. Build an attractive website with high resolution images and information about your business and philosophy. Use SEO (search engine optimization) to market the website and increase its traffic (visitors). Increasing the number of visitors will result in more real world sales. And don’t forget to design attractive business cards.

Hire The Right Staff

Unless you’re experienced with the restaurant business, it is best to hire someone that is, someone you can trust. You want waiters and staff who have at least attended culinary school or completed some cooking courses.

When restaurant ventures fail, it is typically the result of poor or rushed planning. This is not a business where you want to rush in. You want to take your time, do your research, and develop a business plan that is realistic. You want to control your costs, but spend good money where it needs to be spent.

Learn the difference between being penny wise and pound foolish. For instance, it is better to get newer appliances if possible, because although older equipment might be more affordable, it won’t be as energy efficient and will have a greater tendency to break down.  The last thing you need is your oven, stove, sink or freezer developing problems during rush hour.

Finally, think carefully about the physical location where you want the restaurant to be situated. High traffic areas near boulevards, airports, universities, stadiums or hotels will bring greater revenue, but the lease will be much higher. At the same time, you don’t want your restaurant located in some back alley where no one can find it. Those on a budget will probably need to a find a compromise between the two extremes.

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